Westbrook casts Durant and Kyrie into a madhouse finale

Incredible victory for the Wizards, the worst team in the NBA, against a Nets who won by 5 in less than 10 seconds. Beal and Westbrook's heroic ending.


The Nets are a sight. Nobody takes that away from him, for better ... and for worse. Their bursts of runaway talent are worth seeing, their valleys of collective disaster keep you from looking away. Some predicted this team would be champion when James Harden arrived to join Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Others predicted a cosmic catastrophe in Brooklyn. And the two groups usually have reasons to defend their thesis in practically every game of a team with enormous and uncontrolled power in attack and colossal and uncontrolled poverty in defense.In an incomprehensible and almost circus hysteria, the Nets lost against the worst team in the NBA, the poor Washington Wizards (149-146) who now have four victories (4-12). They lost although they scored 146 points, although they still won by 18 in the first quarter (13-31, minute 10), although they passed 70 points in the first half (71). Although, without James Harden (muscular problem), Kyrie added 26 points and 8 assists and Durant 37 + 6 and 7 rebounds. Although Joe Harris broke his record for triples (8 for 30 points) and Jeff Green (23) led a bench that contributed 42 points. Although they made more than 58% of their shots and more than 52% of their 3s.

But they lost. Yes, although they won 121-130 with less than five minutes remaining, a stage in which they conceded 28 points! And even though they were 141-146 with less than ten seconds to play. It's funny: in the last 25 years there have only been seven comebacks in 23,497 games in which the deficit was five points or more in the last ten seconds. This weekend there have been two: the Blazers to the Bulls on Saturday, a Damian Lillard miracle. And this incomprehensible triumph of the Wizards. In those final ten seconds, Bradley Beal hit a front triple coming into the race, Joe Harris messed with the kickoff and gave the Wizards the ball and Russell Westbrook hit another triple, this one from left back. With 147-146 and a last attack, a Kyrie throw-in under the Wizards basket left Luwawu-Cabarrot alone, who cut well to the rim and left, badly, a layup on the board that did not enter. Beal sentenced with two free throws in the last second.

All the numbers in the game were incredible: The Wizards forced 17 losses (unacceptable against such a rival) from the Nets, who scored 34 points for the 72 they received in the zones. If in the victory against the Thunder they defended at least decently, Steve Nash's side bordered the ridiculous (and surely I fall short) in this game, in which they conceded 48 points (48-38) in the fourth quarter, 22 from Beal and Westbrook 17. The first, the league's leading scorer ahead of Durant, finished after a poor start with 37. And Russell Westbrook played his game of the year, one in which he was unable to meet the injured Harden after the express implosion of their union. in Houston: 41 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists in the style of old Westbrook. A joy.

There is a Statmuse data that perfectly explains what these Nets are, who are now 13-9. Since the arrival of James Harden and the formation of the atomic big three, they have an offensive rating of 122.6 and a defensive rating of 119.9. The first would be the best in the NBA in the season ... and the best in the League in all its history. The second would be the worst in the NBA of the season ... and the worst in the League in all its history. It is like that, the numbers corroborate what is seen on the track. As reinforcements arrive (Norvel Pelle, Magnet Shumpert) the squad is short, with black holes in defense, rebound and glue and a direction that seems to only think about how to get to 200 points. But the trio of stars is so powerful that, whatever happens, they will always be two strokes away from being one of the top favorites in the ring. Tomorrow, big night against the Clippers, the best team in the NBA (16-5). With these Nets, you already know: everything, literally everything can happen, from the author's victory to the debacle to remember. So as if to miss it, of course ...

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