"I want to be a world champion in the next five years"

Sainz, in the presentation of the Ferrari season, responded to AS about the expectations in 2021 although he warns: "We do not know where the rivals are."


The virtual presentation of the Ferrari season started from the Victory Room at the Maranello Museum. Make it a declaration of intent. Mattia Binotto introduced his two new stars, Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, as those in charge, from the track, of returning the Prancing Horse to the path of success that they so sadly abandoned last year. "It cannot be repeated, this is a symbol of Italian excellence in the world. I expect few or no mistakes, we seek quality and competitiveness" .

Under this premise, they broadcast a video of the two Carlos sharing impressions and anecdotes. Humble display for someone who recently rented an alpine station. But again, another declaration of intent: out of the superfluous, because you have to build a good car. "Coming here at 26 is achieving what I have always dreamed of. I want to be world champion in the next five years and Ferrari is the best place to achieve it. I think I have come to the right place at the right time," said the Spaniard before starting a massive virtual press conference.

Sainz responded to AS about his expectations this season after the first months at the factory with two tests at Fiorano and Jerez. Are you optimistic? Will he be on the podium in 2021? "It's the million dollar question that no one can answer for now. We won't know until we go to Bahrain, and not the test but the race. Few conclusions can be drawn in the tests. I have closely followed the team's progress. during the last months and I have tried to contribute and help. There are encouraging signs and data, but at the same time we do not know what others are doing. We progress, but we do not know if others will progress more ".

"I am happy for the progress of the team"

"We know what we have done and what the simulations say, where we will be in top speed, drag, power and others, we have all those numbers. I am happy and proud of the progress of all the team, but until we see what our rivals have done, it is impossible to know what will happen ”, adds the Madrilenian.“ I am confident, we must be patient. My goal now has not been to focus on development, but to adapt to the team and get to know everyone, to be prepared as soon as possible for the first race and the tests, which is already a difficult task, "he added in response to this newspaper.

He also commented on his kilometers with the SF71H on the circuit attached to the factory, the first as a Ferrari driver: "I can say that the 2018 Ferrari was very good and it impressed me from the moment I left the garage. As soon as I got in the car I understood why that car was so successful in 2018 and why it scored so many pole positions. I really enjoyed those Fiorano days. " Likewise, he downplayed the rumors of an incident in his other test, that of Pirelli: "If something happened, which I cannot say because it is confidential, it was very slight.""My McLaren level I don't know when it will arrive in Ferrari"

"My intention is to arrive one hundred percent prepared for the first race. But being realistic, and from my experience changing teams, I know that this is difficult to achieve. It is achieved. From race to race, you learn much more in each training or qualifying session than in a day and a half of testing. The latter will not help me, but it does count my experience changing cars in recent years. My one hundred percent level, the one that I showed at McLaren, it is difficult to know when I will show it. But if it is in the first race better. It depends on the feeling that the car gives you from the moment you take it out of the garage, on the impressions when looking for the limit or setting the 'set -up ".

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