Vinicius' call to Zidane that has changed his luck

The Brazilian called the coach to apologize for his behavior at Etihad, when the Frenchman caught him with a mobile while the team warmed up.


Vinicius is not resigned to having a secondary role in Zidane's Madrid. And that his relationship with the French suffered a strong deterioration after the Champions League round of 16 match against City of Guardiola, played at the Etihad on August 7.

The Whites had suffered a defeat at the Bernabéu that had them on the ropes (1-2). As Hazard was in poor shape and had come out of various injuries, the young Brazilian player (20 years old) was confident of starting the most important game of the year. But at the Manchester hotel Zidane struck eleven and stayed out of it. Vini took the news badly. Upon arriving at the Etihad, the starters came out to warm up and the substitutes settled into the stands. But first they did some warm-up exercises while checking the condition of the grass. And two players were missing. Zidane, scaled, went to the locker room. Vinicius and Marcelo were there, both looking at their mobiles.

Zizou didn't say anything, but it made him feel bad. In fact, Vini didn't even warm up in the second half when elimination loomed over the team (neither did Marcelo). It was a hidden punishment in everyone's eyes. Days passed and Vinicius, frustrated by what happened, took a step forward that has strengthened his role within the team. Although they were each already on vacation, Vini telephoned Zizou and asked if his substitution had been a punishment for the 'incident' with the mobile.

Mea culpa

He assumed his guilt if that was the case and promised the Frenchman maximum involvement for this season and that he would never behave like this again before a possible substitution. Zidane thanked the player for his courage in calling him personally and intoning the mea culpa humbly. He assured him that he would have opportunities like everyone else and that if he continued to work well in training he would receive his award on the field. In fact, so far this season he has accumulated seven starts in League and Champions matches, all with victories (his balance in 2020-21 is 3 goals and 3 assists). His only mole was the bad afternoon he had in Alcoy in the cup elimination against Alcoyano.

It is true that at times he has returned to the bench this season, but Zizou is beginning to give him prominence in heavyweight games, as seen last Sunday, where everyone was waiting for his replacement due to the return of Carvajal and Lucas Vázquez. The Galician stayed on the bench against Valencia and Vini was the starter, although then Carvajal's injury forced Lucas to jump onto the field before half an hour of play. Vinicius finished the full game against Valencia and assisted Mendy in the goal that was later annulled for a very fair offside. Against Atalanta, everything indicates that Vinicius will start, something that did not happen two years ago (he was injured in the second leg against Ajax) or last year due to the incident referred to against City.

This time it could be his revenge in a great Champions League match. The good thing is that Vinicius's sporting life changed for the better thanks to that phone call. Zidane takes the registration from players who do not follow his work dynamics, but he also knows how to forgive. Zizou was also 20 years old. Now they have another tune. In Bergamo we will be able to verify it next week ...

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