Villalba bitter Oltra's premiere in minute 89

Fuenla missed a great victory by not defending Villalba's shot up front. Nteka, the best of the locals, put the goal of his team on 83 '.


Fuenlabrada, which was another in the Oltra premiere, and Almería signed a draw where the locals put football, chances and bad luck against an Almería who made good their only approach to the goal defended by Javier Belman.

The Azulón fan would think "this team is another" watching Fuenlabrada's first minutes. Right thinking. Those of Oltra showed illusions and renewed legs, so much so that the first dangerous approaches had their signature. Nteka, who for the umpteenth time to be the axis on which the Fuenlabran attack turns, made Makaridze stretch in the 5 '. Nice shot from the Parisian, better the save from the Georgian goalkeeper.

Almería did not want to be a mere spectator and it did not take too long to be noticed on the renovated Torres pitch. Samu, Balliu and Carvalho triangulated on the right at will, waiting for Sadiq to put the icing on the cake.

However, the danger still did not change color, the blue of Fuenlabrada. First, a diagonal from an electric Feuillassier and, later, a high shot from Pulido came close to making the locals' great job good in the first half.

As the minutes passed, Fuenlabrada was not only dangerous, it also added control of the duel. With the ever-present duo of Pathé Ciss and Cristóbal, Fuenlabrada's game started to rely on the touch rather than on the long ball over Nteka. Good for them. Kanté had his weekly clear chance that came to nothing. However, this time it was for Makaridze's feline stop.

It happens that Almería is much better team than last year. He has that mettle of a team that has to suffer a lot to get nervous and knows how to create danger in the a priori most harmless approach. In addition, a miraculous Makaridze made his team go to the changing rooms with a 0-0 score. Where nerves did reign, it was on the trip to the changing rooms. Feuillassier recriminated a strong entrance from Samu and the 'tangana' took little or nothing to form.

The passage of the changing rooms brought Fuenlabrada himself enraged: high pressure, impudence and forcefulness in the robbery. Oltra's pupils were so eager to demonstrate in their first game together that Feuillassier and Nteka sinned as 'suckers' on several occasions.

However, Fuenlabrada put an Almería sunk in their area against the ropes. And when he appeared in a counterattack, Ibán Salvador, Segunda's 'public enemy', took the second yellow for the visiting top scorer, Sadiq. The game, for the moment, ideal for the locals.

It was with the expulsion that the match entered a phase of icy hibernation, waiting for substitutions in both teams. Gomes was encouraged first by entering Ramazani and thus stretching the field. Later, Oltra introduced Mula and Garcés. The changes did not awaken the encounter that had its darkest note in Ibán's injury.

When the duel was closer to ending in a sad draw, Nteka, imperial throughout the match, cooked and ate a real goal. The Parisian was imposed on Balliu to control a high ball, to later cut and define with skill against Makaridze.

Fleeting joy that of the azulones. Villalba hooked a dead ball in front of the area in the 89th minute and put the equalizer when he least deserved it. Things about football and the marriage that Fuenlabrada maintains with bad luck in the last month.

This Fuenlabrada has changed coach and game, for the better. However, he has not yet left behind his inability to close matches. Almería, on the other hand, knows how to score even in the most extreme situations.

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