Valencia Basket and Real Madrid meet again after the Cup

One week after the appointment at the WiZink Center, both teams meet in the Euroleague. San Emeterio returns and Rudy Fernández will be out.


A week after the quarterfinals of the Cup, Real Madrid and Valencia Basket meet again, this time in the Euroleague. Now the prize for whoever wins will be some peace of mind in continental competition. Real Madrid is fourth in the standings (last place with home court factor in the playoff), but tied with Bayern and with Fenerbahçe on their heels. The door to the Euroleague for the taronja next season is to finish better than Alba Berlin (easy, since Aíto's have four fewer wins) and finish in the top eight. Anadolu Efes occupies this position, with one more win than Valencia (13), although also with one game less.

"We have been able to train and that is holy water in a season with such a demanding schedule", admitted Jaume Ponsarnau, coach of Valencia Basket. "We are a team whose bad times last too long, but hopefully the Cup experience will help us to continue growing." The taronja team takes this rematch as a good opportunity to see if they have learned from their mistakes. "We can fix what we did wrong," acknowledges Hermannsson.

Klemen Prepelic and Louis Labeyrie have missed several practice sessions this week, although they will be able to play this Friday. Those who will not be sure are Guillem Vives and Joan Sastre. Fernando San Emeterio, who missed the Madrid tournament due to COVID-19, has already rejoined the group. At Madrid, Laso will not be able to count on Jeff Taylor (a muscle injury in the outer calf of his right leg) or Rudy Fernández (a lumbar injury). Usman Garuba is ready. "We have more or less recovered Garuba quickly, but Taylor is still standing. We lost Rudy during the Cup; we are going to wait a bit for his recovery, but obviously this week he is not there," explains Laso, who acknowledges that the situation of his team "not ideal" .

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