Tottenham have favorites to succeed Mourinho

Nagelsmann is number one to take the place of the Portuguese if he doesn't redirect the situation. ' In addition, 'The Athletic' reports that it has lost part of the dressing room.


This is not the season that Mourinho expected, and less after a brilliant start that placed them at the head of the Premier. Tottenham has gone into a tailspin and the Portuguese's continuity begins to be questioned and, in the event of dismissal, in London they already have a replacement: Julian Nagelsmann. The 'Telegraph' affirms that the RB Leipzig coach is the number one candidate to succeed Setúbal's.

The British media adds that the next twelve days, in which the Spurs will play four games, seem crucial for Mou if he wants to save his neck. The Wofsberger, in the Europa League, will be the first part of the exam and Burnley, Fulham and Crystal Palace, from Premier, the other three. In addition to a dangerous visit to Arsenal if he manages to come out staggering and with an approved scrape of these four tests.

Five defeats in the last six games are to blame for this crisis. Although the Portuguese refused after falling in front of West Ham to label the moment of the team in that way, at the same time that he broke a spear in his favor and that of his coaching staff: "The results are a consequence of multiple situations. My Methods and those of my staff are incomparable. I don't know what you mean by crisis. If the crisis is frustration and sadness in the dressing room, I do think we are in a (...). I would say that this is a bad streak of results ".

As for his possible replacement, Nagelsmann seems destined to finish in the Premier. The German was the favorite to succeed Lampard at Chelsea, although Tuchel was ultimately chosen. At 33 years old, his work in the energy team is strongly admired and has made him one of the great coaches at the moment. Therefore, sooner rather than later he will make the leap to a larger team. At least in popular conception. Whether it is Tottenham or not time will tell ... and whether or not Mourinho may straighten the course.

Loss of part of the dressing room

In addition, from 'The Athletic' they point out that part of the dressing room no longer agrees with the ideology of their coach. This medium indicates that, according to various sources close to the Spur dressing room, there are several players who are not happy with the training sessions, which they consider too defensive. This feeling is beginning to be reflected in the results, as they well add. The plot in which the soccer players are upset with Mourinho is the attack.

If with Pochettino the football that prevailed was offensive, these sources indicate that since the Argentine's departure, the decisions to be made in the final third of the field have hardly been worked out. The approach of both parties is opposite, since if Poche focused on his own style, Mourinho prefers to adapt to the rival and executes a different plan for each opponent. In this way, they add that as the matches approach the atmosphere focuses on the fear of error, since the Portuguese urges them to take risks on very rare occasions. "Tactical overload" is the word used by another of the people consulted by 'The Athletic'.

Shortcut for the Champions League

Crisis or not, the 'Telegraph' points out that the former Chelsea, Madrid or Inter is the number in terms of coaches with their position in danger, but, yes, he adds that he continues to have the confidence of Daniel Levy. The goal, entering the Champions League is far, since they have West Ham at nine points (they march ninth). Winning the Europa League is presented as an alternative option that Mou does not rule out. A shortcut to the maximum continental competition that goes through triumphing against the Wolfsberger. For this, you need to count as many weapons as possible and that goes through recovering the approval of the locker room ...

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