Total crisis in the Lakers

Third loss in a row for the Lakers after another overtime. The team is on edge before the All-Star arrives and the Wizards took advantage of it.


Anthony Davis' loss is killing the Lakers. They have 10 losses, they are 3rd and the Suns are on the prowl. There are many brides who have the high positions of the Western Conference and the Angelenos, who started the season very well, are beginning to say goodbye to them. Nor is Dennis Schröder, although due to the coronavirus protocol and not due to a major injury. The power forward is more worrisome, because he will be out until the All-Star break and there it will be decided how to proceed to face the final part of the regular phase. It does not look good and the alarms have already gone off several times in the franchise offices.

The team has already had three defeats in a row and their next commitment is in Utah against the NBA leaders, the Jazz. This past night they lost to the Wizards, one of the most unstable teams in the entire League. In an overtime, with the Lakers having endured several in the last month. They are taking them to the limit and a high level cannot be maintained much in circumstances of as much uncertainty as those experienced lately. Much danger in Los Angeles.

Another bad news for Vogel's is called LeBron James. He is obviously the one who is carrying the most weight, but at 36 he shouldn't play 43 minutes and every other day too. In the end it takes its toll. Against the Wizards he complied with the record but did not lead his team to victory: he missed a free throw to win in regulation time and a triple, added to seven nine attempts, to tie in overtime. He is king, but he falls like everyone else. His teammates were better than against the Heat and it was not worth anything either. Without Davis looking at a couple like Beal and Westbrook, who added 65 points, it seems even filthy envy.

The physical downturn was noticed before overtime came. Control was more than decent by the home team for most of the night until they fell down and could only get up a little. The first quarter already gave the measure of what we were going to see: LeBron being unstoppable when attacking the rim and also knowing how to direct his teammates. The visitors did not know how to manage the presence of Akron's and only raised their heads with sporadic, but very sporadic, actions of their star partner. The entrance to the court of Caruso as a point guard and Harrell as a center led to the first major pull, which would place the Angelenos more than ten away after the opening quarter.

Little by little the Wizards became lighter when it came to proposing attacks. Especially in the counterattack is where they were most successful, running the Lakers was good for them. The third quarter was his turning point. There was support because more players appeared: Bertans, Avdija and Hachimura, all international, gave them another air. In the third period they were already there, very close.

The slump came early in the fourth quarter. Almost five minutes without scoring was Los Angeles. Eight went downstairs when there were only five minutes left. They had to come back despite having had the whole game in the palm of their hand. The Brazilian Raulzinho Neto, despite the fact that the statistics do not reflect it, scored an excellent match in terms of fight, decisions and attention to detail that led the rojiblancos to see themselves above. The fight was taken to triple, with a give and take with Gasol or Kuzma and Hachimura or Avdija as protagonists, although the decisive play was played by LeBron James against Russell Westbrook: driving on the left, searching for contact and shooting with a foul, but leaving the extra outside the rim. That free kick condemned the game to extra time. In the five he added, two baskets from Beal and a layup from Westbrook were worth, as opposed to a long three from LeBron and another to the desperate one from Kuzma that extinguished all option of another overtime.

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