Tiley: "We are absolutely confident that the Australian Open will go ahead"

The president of Tennis Australia was clear about the rumors of a possible suspension: "We will start on Monday." The draw for the pictures is postponed to Friday.

The discovery of a positive case for coronavirus of an employee of one of the hotels where tennis players passed the mandatory 14-day quarantine, the Grand Hyatt, led to the suspension of the entire day this Thursday in Melbourne Park, where up to six are disputed tournaments simultaneously, prior to the first Grand Slam of the season. The possibility that they will appear positive in the tests that will be made to the 600 people who could have been in contact with this worker triggered rumors about a possible cancellation of the major. This Thursday, the president of Tennis Australia and director of the event, Craig Tiley, wanted to nip them in the bud.

"We are absolutely confident that the Australian Open will go ahead," he told reporters, and was blunt: "We will start on Monday." That is the day scheduled for the start of the championship that will take place, if the leader is correct, between February 8 and 21.

Tiley assured that the players and members of their teams who were at the Grand Hyatt will have their tests ready in the Australian afternoon this Thursday, the morning in Spain. And he confirmed that the draw for the Grand Slam pictures, which was to be held at 4:00 p.m. local time, was postponed to Friday.

Photos from as.com
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