This will be the new Champions

UEFA will present to the federations this Tuesday the sketch of the new tournament with which to curb the threat of the Super League. There will be more teams and more games.


The new Champions is here. The UEFA project with which to counter the threat of the Super League will be presented this Tuesday to the 55 federations that make up the European body. The modification of the tournament goes through two fundamental elements: expansion of participating teams (from 32 to 36) and expansion of matches (a minimum of 10 -for the 6 now- and a maximum of 17 -for the 13 now-). This will mean higher income for the clubs, because, with more games, television rights and box office (when the stadiums are reopened) will grow. The date chosen to kick off the new Champions League is 2024.

According to the Times announced a few months ago, the expansion to 36 teams is the measure that UEFA has been negotiating with the ECA to stop the progress of the Super League. Of course, at the calendar level it represents an important alteration that directly affects the national championships, since more European dates will be needed than the current ones. The desire would even be to occupy a weekend for Champions League matches, something that clashes head-on with the plans of the leagues. It has also been suggested that the most coherent solution would be to reduce the national championships to 18 teams. Therefore, the Association of European Leagues has called an emergency meeting to analyze this new scenario. In no case do they want to be the ones to pay the duck.

What would the tournament be like?

Despite the fact that it is still unknown what the format of the new Champions League will be, there are several sketches that UEFA manages to make a tournament with four more teams attractive. For starters, it is unknown where those four new entrants will come from. The leagues dream of being one more representative of theirs - that is, 5 clubs would go directly per country from among the great championships - although another option is to open the fan to the teams that usually enter the tournament by playoff and are often left out.

Nor is it known how the tournament would be played. La Gazzetta announced that a plan is to make a league between the 36 teams, divided into four according to their ranking. Each seed would play two games against another of their peers, three against groups from Pot 2, three against those from Pot 3 and two before those from Pot 4. The eight best would qualify for the eighth directly and there would be a playoff, using the system Swiss, between the ninth and the twenty-fourth to know the other eight classified. The losers of that playoff would go to the Europa League.

What gains would the clubs have?

It is estimated that with this modification of the Champions League it will go from the current 125 matches in the competition to 209. That is, an increase of 70%. Therefore, revenue could grow to $ 4 billion. In addition, the Europa League and the new Conference League that starts in 2022 would be maintained. All in order to counteract the threat of the Super League and with an obvious difference: it will not be a closed tournament and with the participation of the same clubs always, but that it will be the sporting merits, as is the case up to now, which will allow them to play the new and flamboyant Champions League that UEFA projects.

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