There was no miracle for the Real

Worthy elimination of Europe from the San Sebastian team at Old Trafford against the great United in which Oyarzabal missed a penalty in the first half.


Target accomplished. La Real washed their image at Old Trafford and said goodbye to the Europa League with their heads held high. The only thing missing was Manchester's win, but it was not that far and he achieved a more than meritorious draw with which he shows the world that Turin in the first leg was nothing more than an unfortunate setback, one of those days in which everything goes wrong and you end up thrashed. Everything was lost there, and at Old Trafford he regained his sensations, he looked Manchester in the face and made it clear that he was there to compete with the English team, which is worthy of qualification. That way you can say goodbye to Europe, even if it hurts in the same way. To have done it with the image of Turin would have been very painful. Imanol pulled a mix of starters and substitutes, all of them showed their faces, and even the least usual come out reinforced from this game. It was a match to get up and redeem himself from his mistakes, and it gives him prestige, because it is not always tied on such a large and demanding stage.

Real Sociedad came out strong and with great conviction to try to change the image they offered in the first leg, because that had to be their real goal at Old Trafford. The realistic team corrected their serious errors in the first leg and was much more competitive, to the point that the defensive withdrawal was almost perfect and they knew how to face the English team in the long balls behind them. As a result of that good staging came the first clear chances for the realists, especially with the key play that could have changed the sign of the game, and who knows if the tie even though it was very uphill. James knocked down Gorosabel inside the area and the referee decreed a penalty. Mikel Oyarzabal, a specialist in that luck from eleven meters, cheated Henderson, but his launch went directly out. La Real missed a great opportunity to put fear in the body of Manchester.

The English team, which was surprised by the initial verve of the royalists, settled down and began to press very high, putting the Real in more and more difficulties when it came to getting the ball played. Oyarzabal put a low center measured to Isak, who lent himself to score, but Lindelof put his leg in and stole the glory. And then Martial and James put a good Remiro to the test, who comes out strengthened from this tie with two good games. Bruno Fernandes also hit the crossbar with a good shot from the edge. They were the best minutes of Manchester, and when the Real knew how to suffer to reach the break with a clean sheet. The tie was slipping away, but the goal of washing their image was more than met.

After the break, a carousel of changes in both teams, thinking about what was coming, in Real Madrid the royalists, and Chelsea the 'Red Devils'. The tie was considered sentenced, only the pride of winning the game remained. La Real was looking for him, but also Manchester, who did not seem to be winning 0-4 on the aggregate. They pressed and arrived with many resources at Remiro's goal. From a foul not called to Sagnan, a novelty in the eleven making a good game, came the corner of what could be the goal of the victory of the English team. Marco Tuanzebe. But the VAR annulled the goal due to a clear foul by Lindelof on Bautista. He hit him with his knee in the face of Renteria, in a chilling image. La Real recovered from the shock and threw the rest to finish in the field of the English team, pressing and looking for the honor of victory. He did not arrive, but Sagnan was close with a shot to the crossbar. And he washed his image, yes he did. The tie was in Turin, and in Manchester he regained his feelings and showed that he was not that far away. This makes elimination less painful. Europe is history this year. We will have to fight now to return. This team has earned it.

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