There is no truce for Tavares

The Madrid pivot stifled the UCAM threat with a great second half: 14 points and 13 rebounds in that stretch. In the end, a PIR 29 and more than 30 minutes on the track.


After 27 days without competing for the coronavirus, the UCAM tries to raise its head. Fourth defeat in ten days after passing through the Palau and the Palace 56 hours apart. The weakness of the Murcian team's strength was good for the leader, who needed a victory without reaching the end with a sinking stomach. Rest, yes, we talk another day. Nothing at all. Tavares is still squeezed and continues to break the scales: 16 points and 15 rebounds, 14 + 13 in the second half where he only sat for two minutes, for a total PIR of 29 in 30:38). At UCAM, apart from his main ones, a promising debut for James Webb III, who is seen complete and with a little hand.

Madrid is in the fight with the calendar, fatigue and rivals, far from their best moment, with doubts only one week before the Cup, but still accumulates victories, even on points, while awaiting the return of Laprovittola and by Carroll. And while he is confident that Llull (better this Tuesday) will recover the level of form before his injury break in January, that Rudy will have physical continuity, that Thompkins will not get a cold and that Tavares will achieve excellence almost full time. He has no choice but to compete for the titles, and any step forward will be welcome: Deck, Causeur ... Or like the one given by Alocén, again him, and Garuba in the first quarter. Between them they grouped 18 points then (4 of 4 in triples, two per beard). The handy guard seems to have shaken off his shyness and now his instinct asks him to run, receives after bounce and accelerates, to see if he finds a loophole to sneak in. There will be time to stop. The only one who does it.

Further, the initial act left us with a Madrid in tests, with a 1-3-1 zone punished with 32 points from UCAM in 10 minutes. In defense of Laso's men, the rhythm of the duel was very high, the one set by the short Frankamp and Jordan Davis, and the power forward Radovic. And good work from Lima against Tavares, without wrinkling, as always. Pure heart.

In the second quarter, the whites lowered the Murcian piston and kept theirs. Llull had a good stretch, while the Whites 'coach lamented his players' poor rebounding instinct and reproached him in a time-out. A 0-8 sent UCAM ahead at halftime (47-51) and it got there.

"Do not lose order in attack", Sito Alonso asked his team at the resumption. But in the third quarter they lost even the portfolio: 26-9 of partial. Tavares, after giving himself a truce from the start, dominated the hoops (9 points and 11 sacks in 11 minutes) and Causeur, Rudy and Deck grew up with him. Madrid had a +16 (73-57) and this time they did not sweat the fat drop, as against Granca or Alba, to keep the advantage. A hot flash was avoided. He distributed only 12 assists, although he made 12 triples with a 46% accuracy. For UCAM the punishment continues, first the virus and now four defeats in ten days while hunting for the lost form. The new normal.

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