There is a mess with Sergio Ramos

The club and the player's environment continue to shoot contradictory information to the media without the captain or president facing the member.


The latest information that arrives on the 'Ramos case' speaks for itself of how complicated the situation is. Neither Florentino Pérez in his role as president of the entity nor the player, as captain of Real Madrid, in which he has been since 2005, finish showing their cards in a sincere way and the partner still does not see a way out of the conflict. In recent days, the white entity is slipping that it already assumes that Ramos is leaving next summer, when, at 35, his contract with Madrid ends. First it was Josep Pedrerol who spoke of this circumstance at El Chiringuito. Then Siro López, also very close to the presidency, at the Cope's microphones.

The versions of the club and the player are totally contradictory without neither one party nor the other having come out to give public explanations of what is happening. They slide from the white entity that they have made two formal offers to the player, and that he has rejected both. Furthermore, the captain has already said that next season he will play for a foreign team. The environment of the camero totally denies this information and ensures that Ramos has not received any offer and that, far from it, he has said at Real Madrid that he is leaving in the summer. On the contrary, this environment ensures that Ramos only has in mind to continue at Real Madrid and that the relationship with Florentino has strengthened in recent days after the president's COVID and the captain's meniscus operation.

The figures in which both parties move are also absolutely contradictory. On the part of the club it slips that it is willing to give the player a two-year contract despite his age. And that the renewal would be done for the same salary that now charges less the percentage that Madrid intends to lower salaries in this harsh second year of crisis due to the pandemic (around 25%). The player's environment, for its part, affirms that he would not mind signing from year to year, and slides the suggested possibility that he continues to receive the same, without reduction, even if he has to receive his salary three or four years ahead. He would do it "without charging interest", contrary to what, for example, Busquets or Piqué at Barcelona have agreed. But the truth is that there is still no agreement.

From one side and the other, information is fired to the media in a kind of chess game that gradually tightens the rope. There is an important part of the partner that makes a logical reasoning: "If Real Madrid had wanted or had the intention to do so, they would have renewed their captain already". On the other hand, there are those who remember the aggressive position in previous renewal negotiations that the captain's environment has had, and that they have ended up deteriorating his relationship with Florentino Pérez. In all those cases, when it seemed impossible that an agreement could be reached. This occurred. And, most likely, this time it will be the same.The following are the main disagreements between the two in recent years.

The renewal of 2015.

Summer 2015. René Ramos took advantage of an offer from Manchester United to force the renewal of the captain that was brewing. The news went around the world: United, in the middle of the investment process, with Van Gaal as coach (and to make forget the Ferguson era), gave Ramos 55 million euros net in five seasons. They paid at the price of gold to fill the void left by Vidic and Ferdinand. Ramos was then 29 years old and a large part of his career ahead of him. That ordeal did not sit very well with Florentino, especially because it coincided with the traumatic departure of the Casillas entity. He could not stop the squad at a stroke without his two captains. He had to access and Ramos began to collect 14 million euros net.

In the locker room after Ajax.

It was after the elimination of the Champions League at the hands of Ajax. Florentino went down to the locker room to recriminate what happened to the squad and, once again, Ramos came out in defense of the players facing the president: "The planning has been a shame," he told him. "I miss you," Florentino said. "Perfect, you pay," said the defender ... That season was especially difficult for Real Madrid, because it was the first after Cristiano left for 100 million euros at Juve. After his departure, Madrid signed Vinicius (45), Courtois (35), Odriozola (35), Brahim (17) and above all, to replace the goal that went with the Portuguese, Mariano (22). Ramos didn't think it was enough.

China's offer

was the last clash between the two. In the summer of 2019, with a contract until 2021 and a clause of 800 million euros, the great captain requested a meeting with José Ángel Sánchez and Florentino to try to leave with the freedom letter. It was a few months after the fight in the locker room for the elimination against Ajax. Then it was Florentino who gave his version: "They came to see me at my office. They told me that if I could leave but without paying because transfers in Chinese football are very complicated. I told him that he could not leave and that we would talk to the club. It is impossible for him to let his captain go for free, because it is a terrible precedent. " And he revealed that he was the one who earned the most in Madrid. The atmosphere became so against the captain that he was forced to give a press conference: “I want to retire at Madrid, I would play for free here.”

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