The Turbulent World of Tiger Woods

His recent traffic accident has resurrected the old ghosts of a very troubled life: drugs, alcohol, infidelities, arrests ...


There is a striking photograph of Tiger Woods that contrasts with the smiling images in his five green Augusta jackets or any of the other ten majors that he has conquered. In that photo, captured by the police in May 2017, an unshaven, haggard, swollen Tiger is seen ... There are other shots, even video, where he can be seen walking with difficulty. Woods had been found in his car with symptoms of drunkenness. The subsequent toxicological analysis detected five substances: two painkillers, two anxiolytics and THC, the active principle in marijuana. That day, the golfer had hit rock bottom, although the drift had started much earlier. In November 2009, an accident with his Cadillac at dawn in the vicinity of his house, the proximity of his wife, Elin Nordegren, wielding a golf club, and the subsequent revelation of countless infidelities, which led to a multimillionaire divorce, alerted that everything around Tiger was not success. His turbulent world, his addictions, led him to a rehabilitation center.

This turbulent life, coupled with his numerous injuries, including five back surgeries and five knee surgeries, held back Tiger's overwhelming dominance on the track. But it went ahead. In 2019 he won the Masters again, eleven years after his last major. The sport in full applauded the return of the champion. Because sport forgives almost everything, there is also the case of Diego Armando Maradona. In the end, the hobbyist just wants to keep the magic. His latest car accident has resurrected old ghosts. There were no toxic substances, but high speed. He has broken his right leg in several places, but it could have been worse. It is not a disabling injury for golf, but it joins other injuries and his 45 years. It does not look like it can recover the maximum level. But you never know. He already did it once.

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