The Tour of the Cathedrals will have 11 unpublished finals

The Spanish round was presented with 11 starts and 11 unprecedented goals, of which six were high: Picón Blanco, Gamoniteiro, Balcón de Alicante, Villuercas ...


La Vuelta 2021 presented this Thursday at the Evolution Forum in Burgos, between sanitary measures, a different route in many ways. And not only because the Jacobean Year has led to the race changing its final podium in Madrid for the second time in this century in Santiago. But because the route will include up to eleven starts and eleven unpublished goals, six of them high (of the nine that the race will have), among which are old aspirations of the fans such as the new Gamoniteiro or the first goal in Extremadura in the Villuercas Peak. The outcome will also be different, with a surprising penultimate day of Galician mountain, more similar to a classic than to a stage of large ports, and with competitiveness until the last meter for the time trial that will decide the race in the Plaza del Obradoiro.

There are also new features in its structure, with a flatter first week than usual. Not so the initial time from the Burgos Cathedral, which will go up to the castle, but the truth is that the sprinters could have up to four opportunities in the first nine days, although some of them could become an ambush by the wind in the plain La Mancha ending in Albacete. That said, the mountain will be present again from early on, on the third day we will reach Picón Blanco, another of the novelties, although better known for its presence in the Vuelta a Burgos. Surprises are also in store for the second weekend, such as a day in the Levantine mountains with six passes, another windy day in La Manga del Mar Menor and an unprecedented final at the Balcón de Alicante, or the stage of the second Sunday ending in the Alto de Velefique almeriense.

Because this Vuelta will go down to the south, with up to six stages treading Andalusian territory, including a Malaga ending in Rincón de la Victoria, the reappearance of the terrible slope to Valdepeñas de Jaén, half a mountain between the capital of Jaén and Córdoba, and a Departure from Bélmez on the way to another of the main regions: Extremadura. On Saturday, August 28, the Extremadura roads will experience the passage of the peloton on the way to another of the novelties, the Pico Villuercas in Guadalupe (Cáceres). That Sunday there will be more mountains, with the flavor of homage to one of the cycling lands par excellence, El Barraco, already in Ávila, land of Ángel Arroyo, Chava Jiménez or Carlos Sastre.

In the third week of the race, Cantabria will appear, with a coastal route, and Asturias, with perhaps the two key stages of this Vuelta. Arrivals at Lagos de Covadonga (after an attractive circuit in which La Collada Llomena will be discovered) and, above all, the expected one at Gamoniteiro, both of special category and routes full of ports, it seems that the candidates for the general should have marked in red. Although the winner will be decided in the three Galician stages. After a half-mountain day on the way to Monforte de Lemos, the penultimate stage will be in the mountains with an unprecedented ending in Castro de Herville, where climbers must burn their last cards in their last 100 km as a classic. "A great ambush" was cataloged by former cyclist Óscar Pereiro, its designer. And there will still be the final time of 33.7 kilometers for specialists. A route for all profiles that, after leaving the Cathedral of Burgos three weeks and 3,361 km before, will crown the strongest in front of another Cathedral, that of Santiago.

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