The TAD removes the sanction of four parties to Cervera

The Cádiz coach had been sanctioned in November for Competition due to his criticism of the referees at a press conference.


After months of doubts, finally Álvaro Cervera will not have to comply with the four-game sanction proposal imposed by the Competition Committee after his statements about the referees after Cádiz - Granada. The CAS has accepted the allegations presented by the cadista entity and has withdrawn the punishment after analyzing the words of the Cádiz coach and reaching the conclusion that his speech generates "a reasonable doubt in the intentionality of the demonstrations made", where it prevails the "principle of in dubio pro-reo and the presumption of innocence", as stated in the resolution of the CAS.

We remember that Cervera was sanctioned after matchday 5 (early October) after Cádiz - Granada. The yellow coach showed his disagreement with Alberola Rojas at a press conference after failing to point out the clear penalty that Foulquier made on Perea by running over him inside the area when the Cadista player was about to shoot on goal. Cervera, angry and without finding answers to what had happened on the pitch, said: "Everyone has seen it, there are only three people who have not seen it. The only explanation is not wanting to whistle it." Cordero Vega was in the VOR room, but it was never certain whether or not he had notified the field referee to review the images. The truth is that after touching his ear on several occasions, Alberola Rojas was clear about it and did not need to go to the monitor to see the repeated play. These were the words that, according to Competition, "question the honesty and impartiality of the members of the arbitration group" .

After various appeals by the club in its fight for justice to be done and Álvaro Cervera did not have to comply with a sanction that they considered unfair, it was finally the CAS that has rejected the proposal of sanction of the Competition Committee. Thus ends a long period in which both the club, Cervera himself and the Cadista fans have lived with the uncertainty of whether the coach could sit on the bench the next day to direct his team.Next, the Cádiz statement:

"The Administrative Court of Sports has agreed to consider the appeal presented for the sanction against Álvaro Cervera, which was notified on November 11, 2020 by the Competition Committee.

In the resolution dated February 18, it is stated that "the clarity that the appeals committee preaches about the international nature of the demonstrations is not apparent," so it understands it as "a subjective judgment on the intention of the appellant not based in the literality of the words used ". This leaves "a reasonable doubt as to the international nature of the demonstrations carried out", where the "principle of in dubio pro-reo and the presumption of innocence prevail" .

For this reason, said sanction of four suspension matches and the fine of 601 euros are nullified ".

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