The strange case of Garay

The center-back broke his crusade in February, ended his contract with Valencia and remains without a team. He was performing at a high level, but he is already 34 years old ...


Ezequiel Garay is one of the strange protagonists of the market. Just over a year ago, the central defender broke his cruciate ligament, which was a huge blow for Valencia, aware of its defensive problems and the instability that it meant not being able to count on its quarterback, Gabriel Paulista's inseparable companion. Since that fateful match against Celta de Vigo, there is no news of the defender. To this day, he is without a team and despite his great performance before the setback, age and his recovery process are a burden on his back.

Despite everything, Garay was called upon to reinforce a team in this winter market. He knows the league perfectly and has been Valencia's defensive leader for years. Any team in the lower part of the classification would guarantee such an arrival. In fact, there were rumors in the last days of the strip that they placed him in Betis or Osasuna. Both destinations were perfect on a sporting level. The Betic team is the most thrashed in the entire First Division and they need a leader in defense who hardly makes mistakes. The rojillos, for their part, have had injury problems in the center of defense and require veterancy to avoid grotesque mistakes that cost points in a situation like this. Everything indicates that the economic claims of these clubs were far from the expectation of the ex-Madridista.

The central defender has been free since last summer, when the contract with Valencia ended. He was even able to renew, but disagreements with the board, a letter of protest and the disagreement in the conditions of the contract led him to break their bond after successful seasons. Who knows if both parties would have reached an agreement if the ligament injury hadn't gotten in their way. After ending his time at Mestalla, Garay made a brave decision in the summer market: not to sign with anyone to recover well from his injury and be able to return with full guarantees. A priori, the recovery would have allowed him to return for the beginning of the season, although it is true that he would have had to enter dynamics more quickly. Thus, he chose to take a few months off to come back stronger.

The surprising thing is that in this winter market he has not signed with anyone either. The veteran footballer resides in Valencia with his wife Tamara Gorro, with whom he shares happiness and stability on social networks and wants a guarantee project to take the step back to the pitch. Of course, the level, despite his age, seems to be, but he rejected the proposals he had on the table. He will turn 35 in October and is already planning on him the debate of whether it is worth investing a large amount in salaries for a player who has not played for a year, comes out of a serious injury and no longer has too many seasons at the highest level. Was it time to play again?

It sounded for Liverpool!

After Virgil Van Dijk's serious injury and the physical problems of other men behind, Liverpool began to comb the market in search of a replacement guarantee. The English press reported that Ezequiel Garay was on the list, although that alleged operation did not take place at any time. Finally, the team trained by Jurgen Klopp has found other alternatives to the center of the rear. On the last market day, he made the arrival of Kabak from Schalke 04 and Ben Davies from Preston North End official. Both respond to a different profile to the former Valencia, both sportingly and in economic terms. In fact, for the second it has only paid out two million pounds.

Before the Liverpool rumors, other teams became interested in him to sign him in the summer, despite the risk involved in incorporating a recently operated footballer from the crusader who had barely trained at the highest level. Two of the most popular were Benfica and Elche. The return to Portugal did not attract Garay, despite the fact that he had already lived there and would play for a club that could fight for great things. Neither was Bragarnik's call, which promised him gallons, a good salary, trust, and the guarantee that he would live close to his loved ones.In Valencia they remember him with affection

Although his departure was not without controversy due to the crossing of statements with the directive and all the rumors that surrounded her, in Valencia they continue to remember with affection the one who was leader of the defense for years and one of the protagonists, without going any further, the Copa del Rey won under the command of Marcelino García Toral. But not only the fans have him in mind as one of the next referents in the entity. Also his own companions. Carlos Soler participated yesterday in the gathering of footballers in El Larguero de la Cadena SER and was asked about the tense months of Valencia.

One of the questions raised put him in a tight spot: which players would he play for the team? In the options presented, names such as Dani Parejo, Rodrigo Moreno or Kondogbia appeared. This was answered by one of the captains: "The players who have left have been important to us. They have helped us a lot. Garay, Coquelin ... They have all been important, I wish them well, but they are no longer in our team. The one I've been with the longest has been with Dani Parejo and I'm very fond of him ". From within Valencia, months and months later, the name of Garay is also present.

His brother plays in Unionistas

After finishing his stage in the lower categories of Real Madrid, where he trained for ten years, Benjamin Garay (better known as Benja), signed for Unionistas de Salamanca. With only 20 on the identity card, the center-back arrived to help and win minutes in the first team. He was coming from Melilla, in a step without pain or glory. Now, he already works as a defender in the revelation of Second Division B. "I have the example I look at at home, which is my brother. I consider myself a center-back with a very good ball output, strong in aerial disputes and very good placement, "he acknowledged in an interview with this newspaper.

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