The return of Schröder encourages the Lakers not to sink more

The German, off last week due to the protocol against the coronavirus, limited the power of the Blazers' exteriors and scored 22 points.


The Lakers can breathe. They are alive. This is demonstrated by the more than correct game played against the Blazers, one of the teams that they beat in the Florida bubble playoffs last season to become champions. They do it, in part, because they have more troops. To the signing of Damian Jones for ten days to cover, even in training, the loss of Anthony Davis, already ruled out for the All-Star, is added that Dennis Schröder is now available for the coaching staff after spending a few days isolated by contact narrow with a positive for coronavirus. The lack of these two players has left the Angelenos made foxes in recent games, a poor presence finished off on the court of the NBA leader, Utah, two days ago.

The presence of the German guard, signed last summer and covering two holes at the same time (Rajon Rondo and Danny Green, two extremely different profiles), was the life saver of the Lakers. It has been important at the start of the season and it has been noticed a lot when it has been absent, also because Caruso and Horton-Tucker have not taken the expected step forward at the moment in which the starter has not been able to play. With the return of Schröder, the power to contain a team that does not have McCollum but has other external threats such as Trent or Simons has been seen. The Trail Blazers' remaining star, Damian Lillard, was left with having to push harder than he should. The Portland All-Star scored 35 points and did what he could, which was not little, but he lacked help to battle with the Lakers.

The first half was really even, with the Blazers even a little above thanks to its freshness. Kanter's knack for numbers catapulted her into the stats, though later Gasol and Harrell would end up being more decisive than him. Lillard added regularly. At rest, visitor victory.

The second half suddenly changed. Marc hit a triple and dunk to turn the electronic around quickly and passed the baton to Schröder, who with the baton did what he wanted despite having Lillard in front of him. The difference was growing in favor of the locals in that third quarter, with Sotts's men going through a crisis to score fluently. The Lakers went up ten without there being a solution for it.

From 65-65 the Lakers scored 36 points and the Blazers only 20. LeBron James, author of 28 + 11 + 7, closed the game with his baskets and left the rival unanswered.

Portland's biggest standout was Damian Lillard, who finished 35 + 7. His main rival, Dennis Schröder, contributed 22 goals to Los Angeles to end the losing streak.

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