The reconstruction of Madrid

The club and Laso have advanced in what will be their sixth renewal, so the coach will lead the process. Heurtel, closed. There will be at least two or three more signings.

Despite the good results of the season (Super Cup champion, League leader and fourth place in the Euroleague), it was only a matter of time before the weaknesses in the Real Madrid squad came to the fore. They did it on Sunday in the Cup final, where the Whites were 24 points down (31-55, in the 21st minute). They have even taken too long to become so obvious, almost three months after Campazzo's departure to the NBA. Because Madrid has exactly 50 games this season with a balance of 39 wins and 11 losses, the same as a year ago after winning the Cup in Malaga and better than in 2019 (38-12) and than in 2018 (36-14) just before the Tenth. Good results (great work by technicians and players) that have covered holes and camouflaged the obvious, that today it is behind Barça and with fewer options than in other years to reach the Final Four and fight it.

For Doncic came Prepelic and then Laprovittola, for Facu nobody and for Jordan Mickey and the injured Randolph, Alex Tyus. To which we must add that veterans are more so: Reyes, in a month 41; Carroll, in two 38; Rudy, in 36 months and a half; Causeur and Llull are 33. In addition, Rudy will be out for several weeks due to "a lumbar injury", an area on his back that has been operated on three times, which is very worrying.

Young people (Alocén and Garuba, and somewhat less Abalde) still have learning ahead. By force, it touches reconstruction, change of roles and signings at a time of economic distress. A process that Pablo Laso will undertake. The coach has made it clear that he wants to continue and the club already said that he will continue until he wants. A negotiation now in progress and that could end soon. It would be the sixth renewal of the technician since he arrived in the summer of 2011.

Players such as Laprovittola (he has made a great effort to play the Cup after overcoming the coronavirus, physically far from the good level exhibited in December and January) and Tyus will come out. Reyes will hang up his boots and Carroll, in principle, too, although he has not yet spoken definitively. Garuba is awaiting the draft to better understand his future options and the club will exercise the option to renew for two years with Deck, but his NBA exit clause will remain around one and a half million euros. The Argentine forward would have liked to have sealed this course, even the last one, a new contract more in line with his performance and potential.

The signing of the ex-bluegran point guard Thomas Heurtel (32 years old in April) is closed for the next season, as confirmed by sources familiar with the operation. At least two or three more signings must come. A shooter, another point guard or point guard and a pivot. Sergio Llull, for his part, and despite the fact that he officially ends his contract in June, he has a commitment that extends beyond this summer. In one way or another, its continuity is required. Of the rest of the squad, Rudy, Causeur, Taylor and Thompkins all signed until 2022; Randolph, until 2023 and Tavares, 2024.

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