The Ray electrocutes Espanyol

Isi, Joni Montiel and Álvaro sign a comeback against Espanyol that won 2-0 and that complicates life. Embarba's pants, protagonists.


Thank you for Espanyol that in Cornellà they dismissed the silence. Because, with an audience, the fight would have been enormous. Not only because it is the third defeat in four days, no matter how much Vicente Moreno disdains the statistics, or for giving up the leadership, but for allowing himself to overcome a game that he had won. By 2-0. It is true that the referee, González Esteban, contributed to the tie, ordering Embarba to change his pants and leaving the barrier undernourished. But it is insufficient excuse for the parrots before a Rayo Vallecano who waited for his moment, who found again in Isi a nightmare for Espanyol and who, if he irretrievably moves away from the direct promotion, is now hooked like someone running after a wagon that stops at dry.

Unlike what happened eight days earlier in Montilivi, eight minutes and a shot on goal –more than in the first round in Vallecas, by the way– cost Espanyol to advance to Rayo. It was achieved by Puado, head to center by Darder and culminating in a fast action with Melamed and Miguelón. Vicente Moreno repeated the team from the previous day - except for Calero for the sanctioned David - and it soon took effect, before a Rayo with five new features and in which the return of his top scorer Antoñín would end up being testimonial. Not like that of the top filmmaker parakeet, De Tomás, who on the brink of halftime took oil, at 2-0, from a lethal error by Catena, who had given the ball to Embarba.

Al Rayo was penalized more for his audacity when kicking the ball than for his perseverance in attack. Because arriving, arrived. With a center from Fran García who was poisoned until he crashed with the crossbar. With a goal by Álvaro García annulled for offside. And with Isi, the protagonist already before the 2-1, first with a left-footed shot from the front and later with a penalty with a hand that González Esteban omitted because he considered a previous foul. The winger was redeemed in the resumption, with a free-kick that entered the entire squad.

The Rayo came up, which had the tie in a point-blank shot from Trejo saved by Diego López, but Nico Melamed calmed the spirits, with a spectacular volley from the front that went for the goal of the day but hit the crossbar.

The image of the day, not in vain, would be another. That of the referee sending Embarba to the band to change his pants, battered, which left Perica behind dislodged in a foul that led, with a whiplash from Montiel, in the Rayo tie. Totally knocked out, more rickety than Embarba's pants, the blue and white team allowed a new internship that Álvaro García converted into the final 2-3. He was obliged to win Espanyol, and he lost. How. Rayo had it lost and won. With all the epic.

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