The PSG doubts of Neymar

'L'Équipe' points to the Brazilian, who will miss the Champions League first leg against Barça, because of his lifestyle and compares him to Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.


Neymar has no luck at the peak of the season with PSG, it is a fact. The worst omens confirmed the injury of the Brazilian star in the left adductor, after the hard entry of Yago in the Parisian visit to Caen. Four weeks off in which he will lose, to begin with, the next league match against Nice and the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Barça next Tuesday. It is not the first time that the Mogi das Cruzes player must be absent from a match of this category, since in Paris they already suffered a foul in previous tie, see Real Madrid (he missed the second leg in 2018) or Manchester United (both matches in 2019). However, from France they point in another direction and, while they do not blame bad fortune on their part, they point to Ney's hectic lifestyle as part of the problem.

"Serious, diligent and rigorous in the sessions, the Brazilian believes, perhaps too often, that his work stops at the exit of the Parc des Princes or the Camp des Loges, once the games or training sessions are over", he slides 'L'Équipe'. This medium recalls some statements belonging to the interview given to 'TF1' on January 31st: "The party is an opportunity to relax, to enjoy (...). It is something I will never give up." When the former Barça player is at full capacity, no one disputes his place in the elite, but, as we were advancing, the ordeal of injuries that has accompanied him since he left Barcelona (he has only been able to play 103 of the 191 games played by his team since his arrival in 2017) has not let him remove the yoke of doubts.

Messi and Ronaldo, the mirror of comparison

The scandals around the birthday of his sister Rafaella, who turns 25 this March 11, have starred in many pages in the newspapers and these types of celebrations, tremendously media, are those that the French media remembers , at the same time that he compares his way of life with that of the two stars that he was called to relieve in the Olympus of football, Messi and Cristiano: "Other great players, Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo for example, do not celebrate their birthdays with great pomp (...). And next week, the two Ballons d'Or will be able to defend their colors in the Champions League in the beginning. Unlike Neymar. "

This accusation is accompanied by a belief within PSG, as they point out that internally, some members of the club consider that their hours of sleep, their diet and their hydration are not always in line with what is required by a high-level athlete. While they remember that a lot of leisure is allowed in their free afternoons, something that is usually staged on their social networks. Although they remember that the rivals' entries, of which Neymar himself has recently complained, questioning the longevity of his own career, have been the cause of physical problems, the point to his way of life feels, directly , to the extreme in the dock ...

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