The president who was a red and black star

Dejan Savićević was one of the most outstanding players of the last Red Star European champion and Milan. Today, they face each other in the Europa League.


At the beginning of the 90s, a Milan-Red Star would talk about a great match between two of the last champions of the old European Cup. Both teams, with different ways of understanding football, had their stage of brilliance and splendor in continental football ending up united by a name: Dejan Savicevic.

The one from Podgorica, Montenegro (then Titograd, Yugoslavia) will surely follow with passion the resolution of the tie of this Milan-Red Star this Thursday at 9:00 p.m., the two teams where he left the best football of his career. He, who enjoyed the splendor of Balkan football before the multiple conflicts, tries to bring Montenegrin football, of which he is the highest president, to the level of his Serbian, Croatian or Bosnian neighbors.Part of a five-year plan

The Red Star of Belgrade put together a five-year plan, in the style of the USSR, to win the European Cup in the early 1990s. Dominator of the domestic competition, he gathered all the national talent into his squad possible with Jovanovic, Mihjalovic, Prosinecki or his legendary forward Darko Pancev in addition to Dejan himself.

This plan came from the hand of Dragan Dzajic and Vladimir Cvetkovic, a basketball player for the Yugoslav team who also intervened in the management. This plan started in 1986, in the following years it began to surprise competition greats such as Real Madrid, from which it suffered one of its historic comebacks after beating them 4-2 in Marakana or Milan itself, where Savicevic, still in his first year at the Red Star, he scored them and was close to surprising with his team.

The administration experienced its controversies, such as with the signing of Belodedici, a fugitive from the Ceaucescu regime in Romania and booked by the Red Star, who was suspended because of a documentary falsification by the authorities of his country. It was all worth it.

In 90-91, Red Star beat Grasshopper in the round of 32, Rangers in the round of 16, Dinamo Dresden (3-0 and 3-0) in the quarterfinals and suffered against Bayern to leave them behind in the semifinals. In the final, they beat a powerful Marseille on penalties with Papin, a young Cantona, Abédi Pelé and Dragan Stojkovic, who that same year had traded the Yugoslav club for the French.The following season, with the Balkan War already started, they won the Intercontinental at Colo-Colo in Tokyo but the Super Cup resisted them by falling in a one-game final (before they were doubled but it was shortened due to the conflict in the Balkans) at Old Trafford against United. Savicevic shone that day, but the award stayed in Manchester.

Stage in Milan

After shining in the last stage of Yugoslav football, Milan went after one of the players who already hurt them long ago in Europe, although without leaving them behind. It's 1992 and Milan is the boss in Europe, with two titles in a row in 88-89 and 89-90, and Calcio. The squad, reviewed today, is a compendium of legends: Rossi, Baresi, Maldini, Rijkaard, Boban, Gullit, van Basten, Papin ... all trained by Fabio Capello.

In his first season, Savicevic came close to repeating the European title but fell, curiously, against Olympique de Marseille, whom he won a few seasons ago. The following year, the Rossoneri would be crowned in Athens destroying Cruyff's Barça and in 95 they would repeat the final falling to Frank Rijkaard's Ajax, who returned home to retire at the end of his career coinciding with a brilliant generation of young talents in Amsterdam. .

In addition to his second European Cup, he won three Italian Leagues, the Super Cup that he could not with the Red Star and one more in Italy. When he finished his time in Italy, he went to Red Star again to end up retiring at Rapid Vienna, where he still scored 18 goals in 44 games. A golden close to Il Genio's career.

After a brief experience on the bench, he moved to the offices, where he tries to bring glory home again. To a new home.

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