The president of Atalanta, enraged: "And Casemiro? ..."

Antonio Percassi spoke in 'La Gazzetta dello Sport': "There were so many decisions against us that I had to write them down, the team with more history was favored."


Atalanta is not resigned and continues to cry out against the arbitration of the match against Real Madrid. Antonio Percassi, president of the Bergamo team, spoke in 'La Gazzetta dello Sport' showing his anger: "It was a shock, I had chills when I saw the referee take the red card. I thought he had made the wrong choice and I was sure that he would have the VAR intervened. We were all puzzled, it was shameful: a very serious injustice. " The chief executive of the Dea has this explanation about what happened: "I had a very clear impression that it stayed with me: there was submission and the most important team was favored, on paper and at the level of history. Well, it wasn't an impression, this I could use that term if there was only one dubious decision. There were so many that I had to write them down. "

And Percassi remembers them all: "There were fouls by Nacho and Modric on Maehle and Pessina, they had to be cautioned and nothing. A hand from Lucas Vázquez, the same. And Casemiro? The referee was going to warn him, it was agreed that he had already He saw another yellow one and thought twice, saying I don't know what. One of us would have gone to the street, and it would have been fair. It is impossible to do it like that: everything against Atalanta, always. Or you are not suitable for a Champions match or is it a matter of submission ". According to the Nerazzurri, there remains the regret of "not having seen another game", since "eleven against eleven the level would have been different." Of course, Percassi continues to believe in qualifying: "A game in Madrid is always difficult, but we are going to try to win. I thanked the boys, one by one. They were inconsolable."

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