The Pacheta effect traces matches

Huesca managed to come back in a thrilling first half. Granada went ahead with a great goal from Quina, but Escriche, Mir and Foulquier on their own goal turned it around.


Huesca de Pacheta is hooked on the fight for permanence thanks to a comeback that charges the spirits of Pacheta's team. The coach of Burgos has changed the face of the bottom and far from falling into discouragement after an initial goal, Quina's goal, turned the match with the goals of Escriche and two strategy plays finished by Pulido and Foulquier in his own door. Granada reacted in the second half with the entry of several starters such as Yangel, Machís and Molina and cut differences through Soro, but they could not equalize the crash, puts the red lantern in the fight to continue in First. They presented eight changes with respect to the team that won 2-0 at Napoli, showing that they have their minds set on the second leg to be played at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium. The visiting coach wanted to give air to his team after being the team that has played the most games in all of Europe and the fresh air was good for the Andalauces, since in the first dangerous action of the game, Domingos Quina invented a good play within the area, which ended up crossing before Álvaro and the ball was unreachable for the local goal, opening the scoring after eight minutes. Huesca reacted with a play that ended with a penalty and yellow for Rui Silva after being reviewed by the VAR. In a fight between Escriche and the visiting goal, the Burriana striker finished off and his ball went to the crossbar, but beforehand Rui Silva hit the striker that was analyzed by Soto Grado on the screen and whistled the maximum penalty. Rafa Mir was in charge of launching it, and his shot ran into the stick. Two posts in the same play that show that the bottoms have a lucky ballast that weighs a lot. Far from giving up, the Murcian striker looked for more alternatives and stole a ball with which he tried to surprise, again without luck, but to fight against fortune there is the mentality that Pacheta imposes on his teams and in this case with a player who heads his sect, Dani Escriche. The striker had not scored in the 26 games he had accumulated with Huesca, but he believed as his coach tells him and scored with rejection, including the tying goal. The goal gave wings to the Alto Aragonese and in a strategic play, Mikel Rico prolonged a Galán corner kick and Jorge Pulido finished off the action to turn the game around. A slate that would give the Huesca even more performance, since in another corner kick Foulquier in his own door made the third, which put the Alto Aragonese with an advantage that they had only achieved throughout the season in the first leg against the Nasrid team The visiting coach introduced a double change at half-time, betting on the dynamite of Darwin Machís and Jorge Molina. Some substitutions that gave Granada air, which reduced differences in the 60th minute. A deep pass that the Aragonese Soro sought with courage and that scored after a strong blow with Álvaro that left the two players touched. The Andalusians played with the red lantern media and with the anxiety of a team that was faced with a unique opportunity. The locals knew how to hold on and took the triumph that increases by six the games without victories for Granada, which is now thinking of Europe and its second leg in Naples.

Escriche scored 26 games later

Dani Escriche remained in Huesca because Pacheta trusted him. Burriana's forward was out, but the Burriana trusted him and the striker has given it back to him with work. He likes the striker so much that he started him and this one who had never scored with Huesca achieved the equalizer and broke a drought that only ended when he was in Elche, under Pacheta's orders.

Pacheta: "We have gotten older with this game"

Comeback: "We reacted with anger against 0-1 and with a head with 3-2. We have grown older with this game. We have managed the game times. the Huesca fans are just as happy as we are. They have a very powerful team ".

Dream for salvation: "We are growing every day, I am very excited. We are two points behind and we have become hooked. It is a good time for us" .

Escriche's role and goal: "I'm very happy for Escriche, his way of being wins over me."

Diego Martínez: "We knew we were going to have problems with the set piece"

Granada coach Diego Martínez said after his team's 3-2 defeat at El Alcoraz against Huesca that he knew with the team he had at the start that they could have problems with set pieces, as it had been after conceding two goals in two separate kicks. "These problems had to be resolved carefully before a team with good pitchers and I knew that we could pay dearly. Unfortunately it has been so," lamented Diego Martínez.

The visiting coach explained that they had been good at the start of the game but that the last fifteen minutes of the first half had been bad and that then the goals had arrived. The coach of the Granada team has not wanted to excuse himself in the absence due to injury or physical problems of his team and, in this regard, he has explained that he has already warned the club that the accumulation of matches could involve a toll and the risks it had and they are paying.

"We are going to do our best to stay in the First Division and first to enjoy ourselves against Napoli. We have 38 or 39 games but we have to try to get oil every day. We have to face setbacks by looking ahead and fighting as far as we can. ", he pointed out. Regarding injuries, he pointed out that they are making "bobbin lace" with the players due to the risk of injuries they are having, something that is being "very complicated" and that had also happened against Huesca. -EFE

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