The Mavs begin to wake up and not only thanks to Luka Doncic

Three substitutes, Brunson, Hardaway and Cauley-Stein, were key to the victory, with a spicy ending, against the Hawks. Hot streak from Dallas.


The Mavericks start to smile. They are already three consecutive victories and four in five games if we count this double that they have had with the Hawks. Without outlining it, Atlanta left Dallas, especially a Trae who ended up with blood on his teeth and yelling at a referee after receiving an unsanctioned blow in the last action of the game. 118-117 ended the game after Gallinari had to play the winning shot with Young, for whom the play had been designed, on the ground. Luck or whatever fell on the Texans' side, something that is happening a few times this season and was beginning to eat them up. It is for the Mavs to start celebrating, as they see the light after what the coronavirus has hit them and secondary players begin to get involved, as Jalen Brunson, Tim Hardaway and Willie Cauley-Stein did here, who give support to Luka Doncic. On the day the United States anthem returned to the American Airlines Center after a small controversy caused by Mark Cuban, the owner was able to shout from the rooftops that his team is finally beginning to get up.

As happened last week, where they also faced each other, the Mavs saved their homework for last. If in the previous meeting it was a final effort that prevented a huge comeback, in this one they had to be the ones who went from bottom to top with a more brilliant last quarter. They scored 37 points in that final heat, the highest score of the season for them. It was not be for lowerly. Key was Brunson's contribution in those minutes, who assumed more responsibilities than usual despite the fact that Luka Doncic finished with 28 + 10 + 10, surpassing a triple-double mark from 'Magic' Johnson and a good 9/18 in the field shots. Brunson's nine points in a row for 21 at the end helped put the victory at home. Cauley-Stein was the one who put that involuntary block on Trae Young that infuriated the Hawks so much, but he also finished with 14 points and offered a good alternative to Porzingis in the paint. Hardaway, one of those who is playing the best in recent games, scored 13 of his 16 points - also as a substitute - in that final period. Now the Mavs are asking for passage.

Carlisle's seams were most visible in the second quarter. They had started supporting their rival in the first despite the insistence of Collins (33 + 8) and Huerter (23 + 8), who were the best throughout the night, but in those minutes before the break they gave bad rotation to employ, they off-center and the Hawks took a good lead. It was not until the last quarter when that distance of ten points could be reversed on the scoreboard.

Lloyd Pierce put Snell to defend Doncic and even then he could not avoid one of the Slovenian's two triples, he failed again in that facet. That shot was the one that brought them close. Hardaway's 3-pointer tied. One of Finney-Smith, with a minute and a half to go, almost put the sentence, but Trae Young, who also had a hard day at the time of pitching (8/22), pressed everything with a response in the form of the pitch far. The Hawks had first a layup from Huerter and then Gallinari's shot after Young's knockdown to win, but they didn't.

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