The Mavericks take it out

Luka Doncic was a total leader against Trae Young's Atlanta, who lost at home. End to the six straight losses that plagued Dallas.


End of the Mavericks' losing streak. And not through the big door, but with various aspects so that the team can be happy. Luka Doncic was once again the best, with 27 points, 8 rebounds and 14 assists, and he did it against the team that chose him and transferred in that 2018 transfer that continues to resound. Trae Young, his great rival but also a good friend, reached 21 points and 9 assists but without the sensations that the intrepid Slovenian player did.

A Doncic was seen very involved and with an apparent absolute control of the situation. He usually has a knack for hitting baskets and making complementary numbers, but precisely against the Hawks he showed a face of total leader and in the worst moment of his Mavericks. It is commendable. He kept missing triples, yes. After the meeting, he said in reference to his 1/5 and what he drags from the other games as a three-point shooter: "I'm not bad, but fatal." It will only be in that aspect, because the rest is quite controlled.

For Dallas this means ending up with six consecutive losses. He did it with a very short rotation, something that is not so usual in Rick Carlisle, and knowing how to contain one of the most dangerous and talented attacks in the East. It will continue to be the second-to-last team in the West in the standings, but without that rope around its neck and leaving beautiful brushstrokes after having a hard time with the coronavirus.

The Mavericks started with an 0-7 set and Doncic starring in three straight actions in a good way, but he was quickly brought down by Kevin Huerter. Danilo Gallinari also appeared with consecutive actions. They were going to have to get to work defending against such a threat and the Texans complied. Another attitude was seen, especially when it came to protecting the hoop. From there they began to put the lock on him and the Hawks suffered to score easy. In the change of order of players, with the departure of the substitutes, Jalen Brunson was also seen to dominate someone as expert and who comes from being a champion like Rajon Rondo, which was a constant that helped open spaces in the area as well. Of attack. A Finney-Smith triple lengthened the distance at the end of the first quarter, which the Mavs came out winning, and the maxim was fulfilled that there is no game they lose if they take that initial period.

Before Doncic's break, they had a maximum of minutes for Porzingis, who came out well off them. He tested on the outside, turning on the low post and even penetrating. It is still difficult for him to defend, he is not physically perfect and the rivals take him into account to try to harm his team, but he progresses and wants, as he explained at the end of this match, to increase his volume of minutes. A pair of 3s and a basket from Cam Reddish, however, were not only going to turn the score around but also put an already dangerous lead that brushed the ten-point barrier. Luka, back on the court, had to put on his overalls to cut off the Hawks' aspirations before the break.

At the beginning of the third period the European star was still playing with the defense of Atlanta, which is also to worry about and is not today. 0-8 of partial and new return to the tortilla. Kleber hit two triples in a row that equaled Gallo and Trae and there emerged, at a key moment, the figure of Tim Hardaway, author of a total of 22 points. Also surprised by the passivity of his opponents even when he saw that he was starting to put them all. The forward threw the Mavericks on his back and helped them finally take off on the scoreboard in that stretch before the arrival of the last heat. In those final minutes only John Collins seemed to react to what was coming their way, finishing as the top scorer of the match with 35 points, but the visitors were a team and they took it. In the absence of five minutes, the lead was already 14. A couple of brilliant actions by Porzingis seemed to sentence, but a series of failures led the locals to take three to thirty seconds. A slap from the Latvian and Young's failure on a triple did put an end to all options.

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