The Lakers subscribe to extra time and there LeBron is also the king

Third game in a row that the champions resolve in overtime. LeBron James had to do another overexertion against the Thunder.


Three, three is three, the games that the Lakers have had to win in overtime. Followed and with problems in the staff. Two of them have been without Anthony Davis, who has precisely been released due to discomfort in the Achilles to avoid overexertion like these. It is LeBron James who has been left alone in command and how well he has managed to resolve these three commitments, two of them against the Thunder, to show that there are very few who are at his height if there are any. The Oklahomans were without Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, their best player so far this season, so they also jumped onto the court with reserves. And it was clear to them: they did not lack faith, they lacked having LeBron.

The champions have returned strong to the path of victory, with six in a row for twenty already in total. It remains to be seen if the next days these chained extensions pass them some kind of bill, which would be normal. James accumulated 41 minutes on the court to be the one who decided in regulation time to tie and in extension time to win. The top MVP candidate this season finished with 25 points, 6 rebounds, 7 assists and a final defense that sapped the hope of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The start of Daigneault's was promising, as if wanting to show that they had recovered well from the blow received two days earlier. Playing like angels, pun intended. The static was going well, with Horford as an interior reference and with several exteriors such as Miller, Jackson, Dort or Williams strongly involved in both sides. The first part of the Thunder was, really, the no-fault type.

The Lakers went with the hook until the break passed. In the first quarter they got to go 17 down and in the second quarter they had several disadvantages of 18. Davis was noticed, of course, but also that Caruso was not there and the bad day of other secondary like Horton-Tucker and Caldwell-Pope that usually have many points.

The duel between Gasol and Horford in the third quarter gave way to a Harrell who took it upon himself to make it difficult for the Thunder on both rings. The power forward's effort was worth a drop in the distance that separated the teams. Four before the last period started. LeBron and Kuzma's points in those final minutes were worth the final leveling, although Al Horford's effort (25 points, 8 rebounds, 8 assists and 4 steals) was well worth forcing James to perform one last miracle. A triple by Akron and a double error by Lu Dort, who put a lot of desire in his duel with the king of the court, led the game to the five minutes of gift with 105-105.

Changing baskets with Schröder, of the Thunder until last fall, driving the show. It was a LeBron James penetration in which three defenders jumped on top that gave Wesley Matthews room to receive and shoot into the corner. With three up Dort made up with a layup altered by the defender's fall. The Lakers gave the visitors wings by failing their attack and the ball was in Oklahoma City's possession with four seconds left. LeBron read Williams' intention on the throw-in and touched it, putting in an impossible compromise to fulfill the ball that came back to Williams to decide. The final shot did not enter and the Angelenos won another great game, this time by 114-113.

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