The Heat take a bland rematch at the Lakers' home

The 2020 Finals reissue ended the Heat over the top. Tight finish and victory that should serve as a boost. Too much weight for LeBron.


The absence of Anthony Davis is becoming very noticeable. In short-term commitments like the Timberwolves, maybe not, but against rivals who will battle for the title, it is clear that it is. Against the Nets it was like that and last night against the Heat that maxim was also fulfilled. The power forward is not only the second best of the Lakers and takes weight off LeBron James' shoulders, he also has the measure of rivals like this one. In the 2020 Finals, which were reissued at the Staples Center with the confrontation against Miami, Davis was torture for Adebayo, growing exponentially and acting as the engine of the collective game despite being inside. The story was rewritten but with another script.

94-96 finished this match. Very tight finish. It's even good news for the Lakers in a sense, as they played another fair game and this time almost got a win out of their sleeve. The Heat begin their climb and the moral blow of winning from those who took away their title dream last October is a double prize.

Nor did it help the Los Angeles team that everything had to go through LeBron James. That appearance of a third player is a headache that comes to the fore on days like this. The king of Akron had a bad night, with 9 rebounds and 9 assists but hitting 33% of his shots, and only Harrell threw him a cable that did not hit sparks. As happened in the bubble, bad percentages of the teammates in the triple the day that James asks them for an extra effort. It also didn't help that Dennis Schröder dropped again, as Kendrick Nunn was able to take advantage of it to become player of the match.

They had to fix as they could those of Vogel the terrible first quarter perpetrated. The Heat left fifteen. The sensation was of not getting to square well for the shots from outside and to have quite evident problems in the movement of the ball. Nunn, with spaces, made two triples in a row to make the advantage good. Harrell's departure from the bench did something to keep Miami from leaving even more, but a patch rather than a long-term solution.

Who pulled the car? LeBron. A triple and two 2 + 1 plays brought his team closer in the second period, but not close enough. Adebayo, without an opponent of draft, also left his mark on the painting as well as as an organizer. With the help of a hit and sunken Herro (he was injured) he was able to retain that momentum of the '23', which began to require the help of the other players on his team. The visitors were also knowing how to run, another point where the Lakers had to put their finger so that the bleeding did not get worse.

Three plays billed by LeBron brought the Lakers closer after the break and a triple by Marc Gasol put the tie midway through the third period. New party, yes, but old values were re-established. Kuzma put in but pulling more, Harrell contributed in attack and not so much in defense; Nunn, on the other hand, felt too free not to pupate the rival defense. It was not the day that Caruso contained the point guard of the other team and neither did he score, as the last play served as an example. After separating the Heat again by up to eight points, another Los Angeles comeback in the last period. An action by Kuzma going to the basket and an offensive rebound from Matthews put them into orbit to win. With the ball for the Heat, LeBron James steal on the last play, good reaction in defense with the two against one to the forward, discharge for Caruso and failure of the latter on the horn.

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