The great goal of Barcelona is the icing on the cake of Gasol

Barcelona and Pau Gasol, united by the Euroleague. For the club it would be to regain the title after eleven years, the only major tournament that the player is missing.


The incorporation of Pau Gasol to Barcelona in what seems the penultimate if not the last stage of his sports career has given a breath of fresh air to a team that already came with puffs after winning the Copa del Rey against Real Madrid in the capital of Spain. Gasol's signing is pure poetry: 20 years later, with an excellent career in the NBA, he returns to the house where he was trained. He does it for the minimum salary stipulated, the proportional part of the 68,000 euros that the ABP demands in the agreement with the ACB for players of his age, but with no need to keep it: he will donate it to a charitable cause. His illusion is to thank a team for the gesture that, although he wanted to sign a pivot for months, is the place where they will allow him to test himself at a very high level to see if he can extend his stay in basketball. Barça is propelled towards stardom and the arrival of Pau in these conditions is an economic and reputational injection for the club and scrupulously sporting for the player.

But it is convenient to talk about objectives. Because there are and they are important. The main one, it is public and notorious, is Japan. The Games are going to be held this year and Pau has not competed in an official match for almost two years, so he needs to prove himself for that fracture of the navicular bone in his left foot. He wants to participate in Tokyo 2020 (which will be commercially called that, even if it is in 2021) in his last service for Spain, although beyond that it will remain to be known if he returns to the NBA, remains in the ACB or retires. It all depends on these months of the game shot at the club where he was born.

There is also a very important incentive that has led him to Barça instead of another team: the Euroleague. For a player who has been everything in continental basketball, because he is the best European in history in the context of FIBA, having the top club competition on his record seems sacrosanct. And it still hasn't. Gasol left Barcelona in 2001, being chosen in the NBA Draft in 3rd position and opting to take the big leap after marveling at the Cup that year, but he did it with something in his debt. The Barça team, with the baton of their friend Juan Carlos Navarro in hand, has won this competition twice in this absence of two decades: in 2003, with Pesic as coach and now coach Sarunas Jasikevicius on the parquet, and in 2010 , with Pascual on the bench and the Ricky, Sada or Pete Mickeal on the court.

Andrés Jiménez, one of the few who has the number withdrawn by Barcelona in the basketball section, has left an interesting reflection in El Confidencial. The legendary player from Carmona assures the following: "In this hypothetical return for me, the most important thing is that he wants to challenge himself. If he is motivated and physically well, what he can contribute is undoubted: it is obvious that he would be the best player of all the Euroleague ". The reference must be the history, since it is absolutely uncertain to evaluate his state of form by his training videos and the last reference, when he was in Spurs and Bucks during his last season in the NBA, is not good at all. Pau Gasol could overtake Pustovyi in the rotation if he responds well, but his golden years are not the ones that should now put him at the level of a Tavares, a Shengelia, a Lauvergne, a Gudaitis, a Reynolds or, pulling home, Davies or Mirotic.

Winning the Euroleague this year would be an almost divine connection. Pau takes the trophy that was missing from a legendary history and Barça culminates its transformation with the most important title of the year. They need to get it, but there is a queue ...

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