The farmhouses of Djokovic and Nadal

The same thing happens to Nole in Australia as Rafa at Roland Garros, who remain untouchable in the finals, although some years point to the opposite.

The final featured the best possible lineup: Novak Djokovic, the Australian Open title record holder, against Daniil Medvedev, the player with the best streak on the ATP circuit. The eight crowns of the Serbian in Melbourne, living history of the tournament and tennis, faced the 20 consecutive victories of the Russian, aspiring to the succession of the Big Three. There was much expectation to know if Medvedev, in a sweet competitive moment, could sit on the throne of Djokovic, who had dragged great difficulties along the way, with a match on the verge of physical KO against Fritz and with difficulties against Tiafoe, Raonic and Zverev . The Muscovite's strength loomed as Nole's biggest obstacle, so it was expected, at the very least, that the duel would be even. But neither one thing nor the other happened. Djokovic brought Medvedev down with a lesson in game play and match management: 7-5, 6-2 and 6-2, in one hour and 52 minutes. His triumph showed that a final is not only won with good tennis, but also with tactical sense and pressure management. Those details that differentiate a champion from a good athlete.

A Djokovic happens in Australia the same as Rafa Nadal at Roland Garros, who more than once have given the feeling that that year they would lose the decisive match, but at the moment of truth they retain their untouchable crown. Nole has played nine finals in Melbourne and has won all nine. Rafa raises the record to 13 titles. In fact, both are already the two players with the most trophies in the same Grand Slam. The third in this ranking is Roger Federer, with eight at Wimbledon, but in the case of the Swiss, he has lost finals in All England. Nadal and Djokovic keep their farmhouses with the door closed. The Serbian has also added his 18th great, narrowing the gap to two victories with the current kings, Federer and Nadal. The Big Three is still alive before the youthful push. And Djokovic grows.

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