The day Stoichkov played for Espanyol and hid his name

Almost incognito, the midfielder under Pochettino made his debut at the RCDE Stadium, where he will return this Saturday in the ranks of Sabadell.


He is counted as one of the players with the most Sabadell poster, without going any further he landed in the summer in Mallorca and was linked in the same market with Granada or Espanyol itself. Not surprisingly, Juan Diego Molina 'Stoichkov' will visit the RCDE Stadium this Saturday, where one day he played no less than as a local, with the first team parakeet, now his rival. A passage from his career that very few remember.

Forgetfulness has its reason. Stoichkov debuted under his real first name. And he did it in a friendly match that said goodbye to the 2011-12 season, against Egyptian Al Alhy, and which came to be called the Solidarity Cup. Especially for the parakeet club, which for the commitment (televised in Catalonia and Egypt) pocketed just over 100,000 euros net. The fact is that between Mauricio Pochettino and Toni Jiménez, to whom the Spanish-Argentine gave the bench that afternoon of May 18, 2012, they bet on probationary players, such as the short-lived Romeo Castelen, and on the quarry. This is how the current Sabadell footballer played the final minutes, entering as a replacement for an entire institution like Walter Pandiani.

The man from Cádiz had arrived at Espanyol just five months earlier, in January, and due to his age (18 years), he played for Juvenil A parake during that half of the season. Despite his debut among the greats, and his projection, he did not enjoy excessive fortune and in July he left for Cacereño.

There he could be called Stoichkov again, the nickname his father gave him in deference to the former Bulgarian Barcelona player, whom he had served in his bar. At Espanyol, however, they had been discouraged for obvious reasons. Juan Diego Molina played at the RCDE Stadium, this Saturday Stoichkov returns.

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