The crossroads of Las Palmas

The team is going through its worst league moment: three defeats in a row and only one goal in favor. If he does not beat Cartagena, he will match his worst streak of the course.


And suddenly, on the horizon of the Unión Deportiva Las Palmas only a crude present can be glimpsed when just three weeks ago the illusion took over the club. It happens that the Gran Canaria entity began the year 2021 in an imperial way, consecutively dispatching Espanyol, Mallorca and Leganés. But now, just three games later, football is always so changing, anxiety arrives.

They have already warned locals and strangers of the changing motivation of Las Palmas according to the classification of their opponent. "Sometimes we are in a hurry to beat the teams we are supposed to beat, but we have more patience when it comes to competing against large teams," Pepe Mel warned last week before traveling to Almería, where his team met He returned to bring a good portion of raw reality.

After that outstanding winning streak, the UD began to lose credit in Anduva, as beaten as it was by Mirandés (2-0). A week later there was not even an amendment proposal against Sabadell, which won 0-1 in Gran Canaria, and it is not that there are solid football arguments to doubt their victory despite the unjust expulsion of Álex Domínguez, who condemned Las Palmas to play with one less footballer from minute 33, the first shot between the three bad guys, by Pejiño, in minute 70. And as it seems that there are not two without three, Almería once again nailed a dagger in the yellow mood down: 3-1.

Failure to beat Cartagena this Saturday, which has already applied a corrective series in the first round match in the Levantine city (3-0), Las Palmas will equal its worst streak of the season, four games without winning, the same as he had between days 8 and 11 against Cartagena (3-0), Albcete (1-1), Oviedo (1-2) and Girona (1-1). This sequence, between the 17th and the 20th date of the calendar, was repeated to close 2020 against Lugo (1-1), Ponferradina (0-0), Alcorcón (0-0) and Rayo Vallecano (2-0) .


If now the results fail again, the sensations do even more. In none of the last three defeats, for a new season aggregate total, did Las Palmas give Las Palmas a sense of deserving more. He has barely added a goal, that of Rafa Mujica in Almería, but he hardly generated danger. Also discussed are Mel's tactical decisions such as placing Maikel Mesa or Araujo on the wing, the ownership of Clau Mendes at the top of the attack against Sabadell or the trivot that was useless in Almería. Change everything so that in the end nothing changes.

Similarly, casualties for different reasons have massacred the Madrid coach's plans. In Almería, without going any further, he could not count on indisputable starters such as Rober, Kirian, Eric Curbelo or Álvaro Lemos, which shows the abysmal distance between the first and second unit of the team, more problems in a shaker in itself more than saturated. While awaiting the respective recoveries and the admission of Jesé, Las Palmas continues at the crossroads.

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