The City approaches Messi

'ESPN' explains that the 'citizen' team has opted for a more media conservative tactic than PSG and will not 'attack' until March or April.


Messi has never been a friend of media noise and this is what one of the great candidates to make the Argentine star come out of the Camp Nou, Manchester City. The seismic movement caused by PSG's interest in Leo, cover of 'France Football' and statements by Leonardo, Pochettino or Di María through, is still very present, the route plan is marked, but from Manchester they do not forget the Rosario and will loading in March or April, according to 'ESPN'.

Citizen interest is not new, although the aggressiveness of the last dates arriving from Paris towards Leo seemed to have changed the course of the operation. However, several sources consulted by the aforementioned medium indicate that, simply, the tactic used by the English is very different from that of the Parisians, fleeing from the foreground of the media and working in the shadows. In short, in the Etihad they have not stopped chipping stones in search of the precious material.

It should be remembered that last summer, when Messi's burofax shook the footballing planet, it was the Mancunians who were closest to hunting the prey. And they did it through a tactic similar to the current one, from a background in which the protagonist moves much more comfortably. As they well remember on 'ESPN', Guardiola played a fundamental role in those negotiations, talking to the Blaugrana to explain the project that awaited him if the change of scenery crystallized. A project that from England has been exposed as a '10-year Plan' in which Messi would be allowed to be a skyblue ambassador and retire at another City Football Group (CFG) club. New York City? The player has already told Jordi Évole that he would like to play in the United States ... 444 444In addition, those seeds planted in summer have continued to grow to this day, since the aforementioned sources affirm that from the City they have continued to water the plant, maintaining a constant relationship with the environment of our protagonist. Last summer, Bartomeu did not allow his player to leave for less than the 700 million that appeared in his termination clause, this reason for a collision with Messi himself for not understanding the contract in the same way.

However, now the game has changed, since Leo is free to negotiate, at the end of his relationship with the club of his life at the end of the course. Messi has not commented on other people's interests. In fact, he has made it clear that until the elections take place and he talks with the winning candidate and he presents his roadmap, he will not make any decision. Therefore, March 7, when the electoral process will take place, is the date indicated in red as far as the future of the Argentine is concerned. The City's intentions to wait until March or April are obviously not accidental ...

Factor Guardiola

Leo already knows Guardiola's modus operandi. Patience and a plan for the future are not the only weights in the balance, since having renewed the coach until 2023 has already filled the heavenly fans with enthusiasm for the crucial role that Santpedor could play in the operation. When the new contract was barely signed, the British tabloids were filled with a common request for Pep: "Get Messi (get Messi)". The player himself already fondly reminded him in the aforementioned interview with Évole: "He has something special. He makes you see things in a certain way ... how he prepared the games, how he prepared them defensively, where to attack". Together, they formed a perfect symbiosis in the 219 matches that shared a shield. 211 goals, 91 assists, an endless number of joys in Can Barça that now the citizen parish wants to revive.

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