The Booker-Paul partnership is too much for the Sixers

Between the guard and the point guard they combined for 54 points, 14 assists and 13 rebounds. At the Sixers Embiid was left alone in the face of danger.


Second straight loss for the Philadelphia 76ers in their four-game road trip to the West. He lost two days ago in Portland and today he did it in Phoenix, against the Suns who, after the small bump they went through a few weeks ago, have recovered and are once again the serious and brilliant team that we all expected. The good news for Arizonans is that apart from all the good they've done so far, the Chris Paul and Devin Booker partnership seems to be starting to work. The two stars of the team are already laughing at a good level, each on their own, but in recent games there is a growing complicity and understanding of the other's game that only multiplies the power of a team that is going to be a very tough nut to crack for the little cocks of the West ... if it doesn't end up becoming one of them.

The visitors started the game more plugged, with Joel Embiid punishing from the beginning with medium distance shots that are proving so effective this year. Thanks to that and the famous defense of the Philadelphia team, added to some transitions here and there, they kept their rival at bay in the first quarter. But the Suns began to take the game home in the second set, already with Paul freeing himself from the pressure of defenders and doing what he has done all his life: moving a basketball team wonderfully. At 35 he seems as clairvoyant as ever and the physicist, for the moment, does not abandon him. There is a lot of talk about LeBron in this regard and the King is clear that he is an inimitable animal, but Paul is handling his maturity better than well. Tonight he stayed close to the triple double (18 + 8 + 10), scoring several of those 18 points in moments of inflection of the match.

For example in the middle of the third quarter, when the locals broke the game forever. The Sixers tried harder than hard, and in the final minutes, when they were desperately trying to come back, not even Embiid was reliable. The Cameroonian amassed 35 points with excellent percentages, but missed several shots of two in the final minutes. But it would not be fair to put the blame on the pivot, who was by far the best of his team. Because Tobias Harris and Ben Simmons (both finished with 18 points) were quite apathetic and disconnected in various stages. Simmons, who was able to minimize Lillard's effectiveness at Portland, did not have the day here against Paul and Booker. And he even ended up in a kind of pique with Deandre Ayton after fouling him quite forcefully when trying to overcome a block from the pivot.

We have already talked about a few players, but the cream of the game is missing. Devin Booker was a sensation, on one of those days (and most of them) when he remembers the best scorers ever. 36 points was signed by the guard, who did not fall below 60% in field goals ... or in triples! He added slowly and exploded in the second half, the moment his team got away and when the Sxers tried to get closer again. His success was an insurmountable wall for a rival who this time had no way to respond. The Suns, awaiting the rest of the results, remain firm in the fourth position of the West and no longer so far from the top three.

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