The big leagues notice the crisis

None of the major leagues has come close to half their winter market spending a year ago. The Premier League clubs were the ones that invested the most.


There is something exceptional about this winter market. The clubs of the four main European leagues, not counting the Spanish one, have noticed the economic crisis caused by the pandemic and have invested in this winter market well less than half the money than in the same transfer window a year ago. The big ones have barely moved. Neither Bayern nor Dortmund in Germany, nor PSG in France. In England, West Ham was the one that spent the most and in Italy, Atalanta was the team that shook the market the most while Inter and Milan kept what they had.In total, 239 million euros are spent by the four major leagues (not counting the Spanish), a ridiculous figure compared to the 711 kilos that were spent in 2020 in this market in which clubs seek to cover their holes.Premier: 84.46 million euros

Nothing, not even the most powerful soccer league on the planet, is immune to the economic consequences of the pandemic. The Premier has suffered the devastating effects of Covid and, during this winter market, both the volume of registrations (242.5 million compared to 85 million) and that of cancellations (63.2 million compared to 28 million) represents practically a third of the movement that was seen last year in the same transfer window. The constant to which the greats have fundamentally embraced has been the zero cost to buy and sell, because even saving a contract like Özil's has been seen as a triumph in the Arsenal offices no matter how much the player has left free. Even the almighty Liverpool has had to pull low cost options to cover its losses in defense. Yesterday he announced the purchase of Ben Davies, who came from playing for Preston North of the English second division, and the loan of Ozan Kabak, who came from Schalke. To cover their loss, the German team has turned to Mustafi, to whom Arsenal gave the letter of freedom late at night.

While neither Everton nor Tottenham have moved during the market, the most famous signings have been Diallo for Manchester United and Benharama for the hammers. On the other hand, in the chapter of transfers, Odegaard, Willian José and Lingard have set course at practically zero cost to Arsenal, Wolves and West Ham respectively.

Bundelisga: 47.9 million euros

The consequences of the pandemic also continue to be felt in the Bundesliga. Money is scarce. The amount paid by German clubs during this unusual winter market is a reflection of the turbulent times in the world of football. The Bundesliga closed at 6 p.m. on Monday with a total of 47.9 million euros invested in transfers (for 8.2 of sales revenue), equivalent to a quarter of what was spent a year ago. Back then, with the coronavirus still on the horizon, 196.8 kilos were, from today's perspective, wasted on Germany's elite by new hires. It should be noted the lack of movements in the two greats of the competition. Both Bayern and Dortmund closed the winter market without signing. The one that invested the most, also because of the gigantic parent company that it knows behind its back, is Leipzig. The East Germans paid 20 kilos for Szoboszlai, the Hungarian pearl that came to be heard for Real Madrid. The return of Real Madrid player Jovic to Frankfurt on loan for one million euros was also something to talk about. Huntelaar and Kolasinac, two more assignments, will try to avoid Schalke's relegation in a league to which another former Madrid player such as Khedira is also returning to join Hertha.

Series A: 77.68 million euros

The effects of the crisis were very noticeable in this Italian winter market. A year ago, the Calcio sets were spent almost 215 million in January. In this, they did not reach the 80s. The greats moved little: Juve signed the young Rovella and thought more about selling (Khedira went to Hertha), Inter did not incorporate anyone (although the Alexis-Dzeko exchange was close) . Milan, faced with the historic opportunity to win a scudetto again, did move: midfielder Meité, Mandzkic and defender Tomori arrived. Roma, meanwhile, managed to return El Shaarawy and snatch the American side Reynolds from Juve (official yesterday: it will cost 6.75 million), while Atalanta starred in the goodbye of Papu Gómez. The Dea was immediately reinforced with Maehle del Genk (11 million) and Viktor Kovalenko, who arrived yesterday from Shakhtar. The groups fighting for salvation, on the other hand, did offer surprises. Parma closed six incorporations, with one of the most expensive in this window: Dennis Man, a 22-year-old Romanian winger, who cost 13 million. Cagliari, after Duncan, Nainggolan and Calabresi, got the loan from Rugani on the horn. Torino secured Mandragora and Sanabria, Genoa secured Strootman, Udinese secured Fernando Llorente and Benevento secured Argentine Adolfo Gaich.

Ligue 1: 29 million

France, one of the markets in which there are more movements every season, has been one of the least moved in European football. In January, economic problems have haunted the economy of French football and Ligue 1 even more, mainly due to the failure to find a broadcaster to televise the television rights and the lack of working capital in most French teams. In the 2019/2020 season, Ligue 1 spent 124 million on transfers, while in 2021 it has only dispensed 29, that is, almost 100 million less because of the pandemic. Regarding revenue, French football received 77 million in the 2019/2020 season, 46 million more than in 2021 (31) and which shows a very problematic downward trend for a championship in need of income. The team that has signed the most is Marseille, which has achieved three additions. The Spanish Pol Lirola arrives to reinforce the right side; Milik to alleviate the lack of goal by Villas-Boas and Ntcham to cover the loss of Sanson. Precisely, the already Aston Villa midfielder has been the most expensive sale on the winter market, after signing at a rate of € 16 million for the villains. PSG, used to shaking the market, has not made any incorporation, despite having shown interest in Dele Alli.

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