The "most beautiful Alfa Romeo, perhaps also the fastest"

Sauber presented in Poland the C41, Raikkonen and Giovinazzi's car for the 2021 season. Kubica, reserve driver and host of the event.


The Alfa Romeo C41 sees the light in Poland under the watchful eye of Kimi Raikkonen, Antonio Giovinazzi and Robert Kubica, host and reserve driver of the Swiss team. The white and maroon look spectacular, although the aerodynamics of the car differ little compared to its predecessor, the C39: the most extreme front wing of the grid coexists with the designs that already made the old Sauber a vein at top speed, even if it is. of a car more suffered in the curves. Their fate depends directly on Ferrari: if the Italian engine responds, Alfa Romeo will aspire to points as in 2019. If it fails, they will fight for the red lantern as in 2020. They were eighth in both campaigns, although with a significant difference in points (57 against to 8) .

Fred Vasseur, team manager, does not set a specific goal for this season: "The goals are limits, we want to improve step by step to reach the top of the midfield. In two weeks we will see, in Bahrain, where we are exactly." At his side, the technical director, Jan Monchaux, emphasizes that during the winter a "development has been classic, simpler than other years because it was not possible to work on the car from 2022" .

The project is called C41, although its predecessor is C39, because the C40 had already been assigned to the rule change originally planned for 2021, but postponed to 2022 due to the pandemic. Indirectly it seems a tribute to its star, Kimi Raikkonen, who at 41 will soon celebrate two decades since his debut in Formula 1, precisely with Sauber. "It's nice to see a new car. For now there are many questions about the rule changes, how they will affect each team. In the tests we will have the first signs and for the first race we will see what our situation is," predicts the Finn, last Ferrari champion. As for Giovinazzi, a 27-year-old Italian: "This year is the most beautiful of the three I have met in the team and I hope it will also be the fastest.""A special presentation for Poland"

Moreover, the presentation held at the National Theater in Warsaw - and financed by the Polish oil company PKN Orlen, which accompanies Kubica - included artistic-festive details of those that characterized the premieres of yesteryear in Formula 1. Ballet, two pianists playing Pucini and Chopin, presenters in suits… An event with 'vintage' touches, in any case, more interesting than the prerecorded video that is gaining ground among the team practices. "This presentation in Poland is amazing and special for all Polish fans," said Kubica. His fans are legion and when the stands of the circuits fill up again, they will follow him en masse, as always. Even if he is a substitute pilot.

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