The Baskonia scares

The Basque team gets rid of Joventut in the quarters. Crushing dominance throughout the match. Giedraitis, Polonara and Henry, sensational.


The TD Systems Baskonia landing in the Cup raised doubts. What team would arrive? The one that left Madrid without an answer and CSKA Moscow breathless or the one that was able to lose itself in the Euroleague with four losses in a row? In five minutes against Joventut he resolved the doubts and in 40 he positioned himself as a real alternative to Madrid and Barça to win a tournament that he missed in 2020, which he left through the back door in 2019 and has not conquered for 12 years

He eliminated La Penya in the quarterfinals, avenging the affront of two years ago in the same round and at the same WiZink Center that saw a tremendous Baskonia. Level, legs, head. Seamless and with the certainty of knowing what to do at all times. And a lot (a lot) of quality with four players above 15 points: Henry (16), Peters (17) and Giedraitis and Polonara, with 19 each. Between the two, 6/9 from the triple of the team's 9/20 total, 4/5 only the Lithuanian. If someone was lost, another took the baton. If the rival responded, one of them put on the work clothes. Ivanovic always had dynamite on the court ... And Vildoza's was missing (7) .

Baskonia controlled the first half. He stretched out in the opening quarter and kept an eye on his rival in the second. No problem. He did it with a leisurely starting rhythm, in which all the plays pivoted on Peters: the power forward was looking for the best possible option from the side and that, on most occasions, was Pierrià Henry. What a player. The American had a brilliant start, with 10 points, including a beautiful dunk to close the first quarter (28-17) on Brodziansky, without failure (3/3), 2 assists and 2 recoveries for a PIR of 15. Joventut reached 10. He put the +10 at five minutes (16-6), while Penya looked for some spark in the fast penetrations by Dimitrijevic's zone and the second options that Tomic's rebounds allowed. Losses, 3 in half a quarter, 5 in full, were ankle weights.

Without speculating

TD Systems did not speculate on that advantage, but it did measure its steps. He attracted the Catalans to his land, full of tranquility, pause and far from unpleasant surprises. It started with Fall's aerial dominance and continued with Vildoza. If Joventut, with a good Demetrius Jackson, approached 5 points (35-30), they responded with a lethal partial of 6-0 (41-30). If Tomic broke a triple to narrow the gap (48-42), Dragic and Pollonara were in charge of recovering the +10 in their favor (52-42). A I want and I cannot from the Catalans. A sublime knowledge of the craft of the Basques, who did not allow themselves to lower the bar.

The affront of 2019 and the absence of 2020 were too harsh to forget for 20 good minutes. They resisted the logical push from Joventut after the break. Finally, López-Arostegui appeared with 7 points and Brodziansky continued his work as a trench in the Baskonia zone, but as in the entire game to each Catalan action there was an equal or greater Vitorian reaction in the opposite direction, with Giedraitis as executor: 8 goals followed by the excellent shooter and +13 (64-51, min. 23). It would be Peters in which he would deliver the coup de grace at dawn of the last quarter with 4 points for a +17 (85-68) that was already insurmountable for Carles Duran's men, who tried to scare on the final ramps without reaching the goal. Ivanovic and his boys await rival: either Barça or Unicaja.

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