The Baskonia keeps dreaming

Duško Ivanović's side overwhelm a weak Red Star and, with eight games remaining, they are still rushing their chances of entering the Top-8.


The Red Star passed through Vitoria without pain or glory. Rather the first. It was the 5th minute and Baskonia was already winning by 14-3. Only 3 points on the equator of the first quarter. A team with four absences caused by COVID, and with problems in the low post, saw Kuzmic make two personal fouls in the first minute of the game.

Fall put on his boots in the first quarter with 8 points and a PIR of 12. The Serbs won by 27 points in Belgrade and endorsed Ivanovic's team 90 but in Buesa they were a shadow. Vildoza had his 100th Euroleague steal in the first period. Although the rojiblancos reduced the distances to 5 points, it was written that it was not their night. There was nothing at stake in qualifying either. Loyd was the visiting gunner well assisted by Walden but little else.

Ivanovic rotated a lot and, by the 12th minute, only Kurucs and Diop were left to participate. Raieste and Sedekerskis, for example, had jumped onto the pitch and, moreover, with quite a good job. Halfway through the second quarter, TD Systems had 19 rebounds and his rival 9. The Balkans began to wage war on their own and Baskonia went 37-20 after a 12-2 run. The local team surpassed the twenty difference with the 41-20.

As soon as the Vitoria team relaxed a bit, Ivanovic reacted with time-outs and substitutions. Dragic, for example, purged many minutes on the bench for poor decisions on the court. At the break, 48 in favor and only 27 against. Game virtually resolved midway with all favorable statistics for the team that was playing something for real.

Two consecutive triples by Davidovac allowed a 0-6 run but by the 26th minute the Vitoria team was already winning 61-37. It was the fourth most even but the differences were beginning to be quite blushing. The best play of the Serbs came with a 3 + 1 from Dobric after a magnificent circulation from Belgrade. But he could only stay there, an anecdote. It never gave the feeling that they could trace the commitment of the Buesa Arena. 66-48 and ten minutes to go. At that point, Baskonia had 19 assists.

The game was very fast in the last quarter because little time-outs were called and not too many fouls were committed. Everyone wanted to finish soon, some to go to dinner and others to take the private charter and return to Belgrade. The people of Alava continue to dream of the Top-8 with eight days to go and the Serbs will focus from now on national competitions or rivals in their environment. With 71-58, the Red Star came a little closer, but, after maintaining distances around 20 points, TD Systems did not get caught and added another victory. Fall hit his Euroleague career record for scoring. Other players like Vildoza and Polonara also had a good game.

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