The Barça, favorite in Madrid

The big two meet in the Cup final for the eighth time in 12 years. Mirotic is still pursuing his first Barça title. The whites, against the host's curse.


After a year of respite, which was perhaps needed after the most controversial final in memory, that of 2019, which raised a dust cloud that has not yet settled (you know, the one caused by the Instant Replay fiasco in the outcome extra time and Randolph's unsigned slap at Singleton), Madrid and Barça meet again in the last step of the Cup (28 to 25 in the record). And they do it on the same stage as two seasons ago, in a WiZink Center that Barça are good at, where they have come out with the trophy under their arms in the last two editions played on Goya Street (2011 with Alan Anderson MVP and 2019 with Heurtel) .

In reality, Laso's men have two fearsome enemies: a favorite Barcelona in the pools and the host's curse. No team has celebrated the Cup at home since Bennett and Tomasevic's Baskonia did in Vitoria 2002. The Whites, moreover, have not celebrated their triumph in Madrid for 61 years. We are talking about 1960, a fronton court (the Fiesta Alegre) and the season of Pedro Ferrándiz's debut. It has already rained.

The Cup, which has become the great Spanish basketball festival in recent decades, has earned the label of being unpredictable, although it has been losing it for a while. El Clásico has starred in eight of the last twelve finals and all the titles have been distributed to them by the two colossi: six by the meringues and five by the Catalans. Mirotic and Jasikevicius pursue the first, Laso will try to reach his seventh conquest in ten years, perhaps the most difficult, which would be his 21st trophy in all competitions before signing his sixth renewal ("I want to continue", he said; to talk) .

Madrid arrives depleted, without Randolph, with Laprovittola after passing the coronavirus, with Garuba between cottons, with Llull after three weeks of break and with Rudy (back) and Tavares (ankle) who finished the semifinal touched. Barça rested on their laurels in the start against Unicaja and in the final stretch against Baskonia, but in the rest of the time they have been far superior with a fabulous quintet (Calathes, Higgins, Hanga or Abrines, Mirotic and Davies) and a bench to match (Kuric, Oriola…). It is Higgins' tournament, he looks like he was in his best moment in CSKA (18.5 points) .

At Real, Deck is the one who is ringing the bell (20.5 goals) with Causeur very close to the level that led him to argue with Doncic for the MVP of the 2018 Final Four. And there is Tavares and Thompkins, and Carroll and Llull ... More fatigue and more doubts, yes, than other times, also more years in an aging squad, but the same winning instinct as always in the face of an even greater challenge. An opponent in full swing with Mirotic hungry (and under pressure?) Because he has three lost finals in his bag and no conquests. We will see it in #Vamos at 6:30 p.m. Big date.

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