"Since the arrival of JIM, little by little I am showing what I am"

Eguaras points out that he still needs to improve individually and considers that Friday's game against Sabadell is a final: "We are forced to win."


Eguaras, one of the captains of Real Zaragoza and a permanent fixture in the line-ups, assures that Juan Ignacio Martínez has been very important in the improvement of the group, both collectively and individually: the first day gave us a lot of confidence and a lot of joy. With a few tactical tweaks, you are seeing the team perform better. The results speak for themselves and we appreciate their arrival ”. The midfielder has also referred to this Friday's game against Sabadell, where he played in the 2014-15 season: "We know that by achieving the third consecutive victory we give a leap in quality in what is the classification" .

— How is the dressing room after the victory of Malaga?

— We needed to win away from home, since we hadn't done it all year, and above all that we've had two victories, which is also giving us air to get out of there. Now we have another final on Friday that we are forced to win.

— Since the arrival of JIM, Zaragoza is the best team in Segunda with 13 points out of 18 possible. What has changed and how important is the figure of the new coach?

— We came from a very screwed up situation on a mental level and from the first day we have transmitted a lot of confidence and a lot of joy to the group. With a few tweaks he has made in the squad at a tactical level, he is seeing that the team works better. Nor do I know the formula with which he has arrived and has changed us, but I think he goes there, due to the fact that he is a very happy and optimistic person. The results speak for themselves, the team is responding well and we appreciate your arrival. It has given us air and we hope it continues like this.

— Does having such a definite eleven help?

— All of us on the staff are doing our best. In training there is no relaxation, people who are not playing are training at a very high level, that makes you have to get your best version ... It is true that in the last games an eleven is being seen, but here nobody can lower the arms because at any moment a player who right now is not having minutes can be important and more in the situation we are in.

— What would a victory in Sabadell mean for the team?

— I have already said that for us it is a final. We know that it is a team that will be playing everything with us until the end and we already saw in the first round match that it cost us a lot and that they passed us over. It is true that we got a positive result, which was 0-0, but now we have to go to Sabadell to win the three points. We know that by achieving the third consecutive victory we take a leap in quality in what is the classification.

— What game do you expect?

— We have to go with the thought that we must get the three points and from the beginning we have to go out to push very high. We know that they are a team that likes to have the ball and is locking you up in their field, but if we play the game we did in Malaga, I think we have many options to get the game out. Defensively we are not conceding much. We are being a very compact team and the opponents are having a hard time making us chances.

— How are you doing on an individual level?

— Some time ago I said that I was not feeling well, that I was not having good feelings, but with the passage of time and since the arrival of Juan Ignacio Martínez, little by little I am showing what I am. It is true that I still have a long way to go. With the help of the results everything looks easier, but I still have a lot to improve.

— You, who have been a professional for several years and are also one of the captains, how are you seeing Francés and Francho?

— They are two players with a very promising future. They have taken a step forward and have shown their qualities, but they still have a lot to improve. They are very young, it is seen that they have a very promising future and we hope they will give many joys in the future to Zaragoza.

— How is Toro Fernández in the day to day after having fallen from the starting team?

— I have him very close because I am in the locker room with him and he is a boy who is having a hard time scoring a goal, but who never tires of trying. In training he does put them in and works very well. He is a fighter, he leaves everything on the field, he works for the team and we want that first goal to arrive and hopefully later he can score many more with us.

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