The Alcorcón takes oxygen from eleven meters

The potter team finally achieved the first victory of 2021 after Marc Gual scored a maximum penalty by Álex Pérez's hand inside the area.


Two different styles in Santo Domingo to start the meeting. The potters with a more vertical football and the Logroñés with a more combinative game. Logroñes had the first in a play on the right that David Fernández brushed against to send it to the corner. Gual from the front in the 17th minute gave the yellow answer, but Santamaría cleared a corner.

At 18 minutes and after the corner kick, Álex Pérez's very clear hand. The referee reviewed it in the VAR and there were no doubts, penalty. At 11 meters Marc Gual did not miss the opportunity and put Alcorcón ahead. Gual scored his fifth goal of the season.

Logroñés did not lose face to the game. Both Nano Mesa in the small area and Olaetxea had separate chances, but the aim was not on the visiting side. Alcorcón tried to keep pace with the game with the ball and there both Fidel Escobar and Nwakali gave the team muscle in the midfield.

El Alcorcón dominated possession, but Logroñés struck in attack with extraordinary quality. At 38 minutes, once again, a very clear chance by the right hand that Leo Ruiz failed to clinch after a pass outside Olaetxea. The Riojans looked for and touched the tie. Before the break, Embalo had to leave injured by Arribas. At the end of 45 minutes Alcorcón 1-0 Logroñés.

El Alcorcón came out in the second half looking for the back of the Riojan defense. At 57 minutes, a great play on the left of Alcorcón between Bellvís and Xisco Jiménez, whose center could not take advantage of it in the small area, Arribas and his shot went high.

The minutes passed and Rodríguez's men managed to put Alcorcón in their field. It did not generate chances as clear as in the first part, but little by little it went from less to more. Álex Pérez crashed a ball off the crossbar in the 71st minute after a great header.

The minutes passed and the locals managed to put a certain pause in the game. In the last minutes Barbero could put the lace, but Santamaría cleared in a great intervention. The potters did not suffer in the last minutes and took their first victory in the League of 2021.

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