The alarms go off for Dybala after his trip to Barcelona

The Argentine has turned to doctor Cugat to advance the deadlines of the knee recovery and have minutes on March 9 in the return against Porto.


The presence of Dybala in Barcelona has set off alarms and has given rise to all kinds of suspicions. The weakness of the Argentine is known for his compatriot Messi and also that just a few months ago, in the winter market, he left the door open for a transfer from Juventus to Barcelona. So Barcelona was the one who put his foot on the wall. But now the reasons for concern are others. The injury to the Argentine midfielder is taking longer than necessary and Juventus fans fear the worst: that Dybala will have to undergo surgery.

Juventus is in trouble after a 2-1 defeat to Porto in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 and its future in the top competition is the second leg in Turin, where Dybala is expected like May water . Cristiano and Juventus need Dybala to achieve the long-awaited classification. That's how fans feel it.

Dybala is suffering an ordeal with his left knee, which is preventing him from playing. The midfielder made a whirlwind trip yesterday to consult with Dr. Ramón Cugat. It has been a month and a half since he was injured, in the match against Sassuolo, and he has still not been able to return as he continues to be in pain.

The injury was initially classified as a "low-grade injury to the medial collateral ligament of the left knee", with an estimated recovery time of 15 to 20 days. But the terms have been lengthened more than necessary, 46 days have passed and its reappearance has been delayed.

The fleeting meeting with Dr. Cugat, as detailed by Corriere dello Sport, has served to guide the appropriate therapies to not feel the pain anymore and ensure that the Argentine can return to the field as soon as possible. In fact, in recent weeks, the persistence of his knee discomfort has condemned him to continuous and forced stops when it seemed that he was on the verge of reappearing.

He tried to reappear against Rome, Inter, Naples and Porto, to no avail. In the Champions League he was included in the squad and was also on the bench, but only to form the group. The day before Andrea Pirlo, the Juventus coach, had already clarified that Dybala could not play. The visit to Dr. Cugat's office in Barcelona is a step forward to return to the playing fields as soon as possible. The priority objective is to be in the second leg against Porto on March 9, after falling 2-1 in the first leg. Last season he was the most decisive Bianconero player (17 goals, 14 assists) together with Cristiano.

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