Tennis stops short

The setting was ideal to enjoy a February full of competition in Australia, until the virus, that nightmare, has reappeared and has paralyzed everything.


Tennis had reached its old normality in recent days, for better and for worse: Rafa Nadal is injured, Carlos Alcaraz takes another giant step, Garbiñe Muguruza links victories, Spain walks strong with Roberto Bautista and Pablo Carreño, Nick Kyrgios bundles it with a judge, Novak Djokovic celebrates in style, Roger Federer announces his return to the slopes… After two weeks of strict quarantine in Australia, the official competition had returned on three parallel fronts, with the ATP Cup and with two men's and women's tournaments. female in Melbourne. The public also packed the stands in a country practically clean of coronavirus. A few days ago we enjoyed with admiration, and even with a bit of envy, the photo that showed those fans without masks delivered to the sports show. The setting was ideal, idyllic, to enjoy a February full of tennis. Injuries aside. Everything was apparently going smoothly, thanks to the sacrifice of the athletes and the inflexible control of the Australian authorities, until the virus, that nightmare, has reappeared and has paralyzed everything. How little joy has lasted!

An employee of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, where most of the tennis players stay, has tested positive. The great enigma is how this contagion could have occurred in a place where guests and workers had passed the quarantine and had been subjected to periodic controls. The fact is that 600 people have been isolated again, including the players, and the competitions have been canceled, at least for this Thursday. The tennis players, considered casual contacts, will have to pass the detection test, on which the future of the tournaments will depend a lot and, above all, on that Australian Open that would have to start next Monday. The State of Victoria applies rigorous protocols and from the beginning of this adventure always warned that health was the priority. A reverse gear that puts tennis back on the wire.

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