TD Baskonia looks to the playoff

The Vitorian team won on the court of a Khimki in crisis: problems of default and bad streak in the Euroleague. Muscovites haven't won in Europe since November.


Khimki have not won a Euroleague match since November 2020. In fact, they have only had two continental wins so far this season. In the local competition, however, he had just won in Astana. But the problems accumulate because some players have reported defaults to the European Union and the Euroleague has not yet given him permission to incorporate Vorontsevich, from CSKA.

McCollum also had a thigh injury. Valiev is with Russia to play the friendlies in Macedonia and Estonia. Booker has permission for the birth of a child and it will be necessary to see if he returns or not. Jerebko, for example, abandoned the club's discipline and is already history in the North Moscow franchise. Kurtinaitis was fired and now the team is trained by Maltsev. Red Star and Zenit were its only European notches.

Baskonia was ahead in every moment of the match although the Russians threatened very dangerous approaches (35-36, min. 17). The Vitorians started very strong (0-9 initial) with a dominating Fall. The Slavs were entrusted only to Shved and they went at the end of the first quarter with a 14-24. In rebounds, 8 to 15. Baskonia committed only one personal foul in the first ten minutes and there were hardly any free throw shots in both teams.

But Khimki has good players and signed a 21-12 run as soon as the second installment began. Ivanovic called a timeout in which he sent Henry to the corner, regardless of the indications. Vialtsev accompanied Shved in scoring but the Russians lack consistency and, a good finish from TD Systems allowed the rubber to stretch again, the fourth was tied and the Basques went to the locker room with a ten-point difference in favor . The most valued man of the match was the giant Fall.

The Russian team (plagued by threes and fours) is unpredictable, they play a very dynamic but quite unstructured basketball. And, at the beginning of the third quarter, it infected the Baskonia in its anarchy. But a pair of 3-pointers by Vildoza made the difference to 13 points and Ivanovic's men started to really open up gaps. At the end of the third installment, the difference was 14. The Khimki was approaching a new defeat. Has not won in Euroleague since November 17.

As in some other phase of the match, the Slavs occasionally defended in zones, but not for those. In addition, Shved stopped compulsively scoring and, in the final minutes, his coach sat him down. The maximum came in the final minute with a devastating 65-89. Henry returned to the court and Ivanovic gave minutes to the less usual players: Diop, Kurucs or Raieste. Khimki totally lost concentration and missed incredible baskets. Baskonia, on the other hand, was reunited with victory after the bitter taste left by the Copa del Rey and continues to dream of the Top-8.

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