Tavares breaks it: 27 points

The Madrid pivot crushes Burgos with a great superiority under the rim and beats his scoring record. Add 7 rebounds and 6 blocks! Laprovittola, 9 assists. Thompkins injury.


Good defense against Zalgiris, and good defense and good attack against San Pablo Burgos (96-81), all in just 48 hours. Madrid continues to advance despite dragging a sled of problems. It is recognized again, that it is not shortly after the Cup and that its players accumulate 112 games of loss in 53 games. This time Llull, Rudy and Taylor did not play, which was doubtful, neither did Randolph, of course. And Thompkins added to the fallen with what looks like a sprain. But there was Tavares to shade all the Hereda San Pablo.

He wildly intimidated and closed the rebound (great work there from Garuba and Deck, who grouped 9 sacks past the equator of the opening quarter, the one that marked the pulse). Edy, in addition, broke to score in connection with Laprovittola and the help that the visiting defense threw him: 10 points in his first four minutes and 20 in only thirteen. Unstoppable, it seemed Shaquille (O'Neal). Paired with Garuba, he ruined the enemy plan, not even the combative Jasiel Rivero could get away. He finished with a personal scoring record: 27 with a fantastic 11 of 14 from two and 5 of 6 from the personal. Plus 6 blocks and 7 rebounds for 37 PIR in 25:47 on the court.

In the other trench, Renfroe was back in action after a month and a half stopped and paid. Frustration after a loss charged him with a technique: 27-10. The Hereda had five minutes to shake off the excessive dominance of the whites. He did it with a 9-18 run because he was able to score a trick on the rebound and he did it because with Thompkins and Tyus in front of him, you live better in attack: 36-28. Dead time and new acceleration with Edy's foot, so that the pedal does not escape.

In the intermission it gave the feeling that Peñarroya offered a motivating talk to his people, "I want to see my San Pablo Burgos", he came to say. And he saw just a flurry of what he expected. It was difficult for Real to start centered and inside Horton nailed two triples that cost Garuba the change: 54-46. New duel ahead? No, rather one similar to the above.

Laprovittola, who made a great effort to play the Cup almost without physical reserves due to the coronavirus, has recovered the previous tone. Beyond his cadence, which is another debate, and his aim this time (1 of 8), his teammates appreciated his passes (9 assists). One of them ended up in the hands of Thompkins, who entered the match with eight goals in a row (70-54) but stepped badly and bent his ankle. Direct to the infirmary, if there is still room.

Boom Boom Carroll

The last quarter left the Carroll show (14 of his 17 points then) to which McFadden tried to keep up (9 of his 18) and left the scoring record of Tavares, a 2 + 1 for 27 points with the change already requested. It surpasses the 26 that it reached on January 15 on the Bayern track with an extension. He was replaced by Tristan Vukcevic, in his third performance of the course at the age of 17. Triumph around one hundred to gain momentum before another double-day tour of Russia in the Euroleague, where from first to eighth there are barely three wins apart. All in a handkerchief, and little one.

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