Table Talk: a project that brings you closer to the players

The Euroleague has launched Table Talk: Playing overseas, an ambitious project that will allow spectators to get closer to the players.


The Euroleague has launched a new audiovisual project: it is Table Talk: Playing overseas. Through different characters, players and coaches, viewers perceive personal experiences about the great reality that they live for their professional career, which is living away from home, playing in countries and with colleagues from different cultures, continuously adapting and being out of the comfort zone ...

In the following video you can see the entire episode:

In addition, the Euroleague has issued a press release in which several personalities linked to the highest continental competition, men and women who relate some of their personal experiences and tell you how they live the day-to-day professionalism, also speak. Some of those characters are Dimitris Itoudis, Kyle Hines or the Barcelona coach, Sarunas Jasikevicius. You can read the note here.

The Euroleague has also been in charge of promoting the project through social networks:

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