Surreal situation and Durant explosion: "Fans are not dumb"

Total mess. Durant is late to the game against the Raptors because of the anti-COVID protocol and has to leave the court, very angry, for the same.


An unequivocal phrase, which is as objective as it is tangible, must be understood in all its breadth: the coronavirus has changed the world. For everything and everyone, from the highest levels of society to the smallest (with notable differences, obviously) and in all areas of life: work, sports, personal ... Routines have been modified, leisure has changed. It has reduced and exists in a different way, and even the way of dressing, including a mask, has been affected by a global pandemic that, in the NBA, suspends games, postpones seasons, transforms calendars and is forced to prevent public in the stands. And all this has been perfectly summed up in a game in which madness has taken over everything.

The NBA announced that Kevin Durant was not going to take to the court against the Raptors because he was complying with health protocols, and Shams Charania and Adrian Wojnarowski (of course) assured that the forward had been in contact with someone who had problems with a test inconclusive. The star had three negative PCRs, so he was allowed to enter with the game already started, thus giving rise to an unusual situation, since it was the first time in his NBA career that Durant was a substitute (866 games, all of them starting , Awesome). However, the close contact became such by testing positive and the League informed the player of this during the third quarter, forcing him to abandon the clash again. This has provoked the indignation of Durant himself, who showed his anger in networks and asked to go out on the track: "Free me", he prayed in English. "Set me free." In addition to ensuring that NBA fans are not stupid.

It is possible that the situation ends in controversy, either by allowing Durant to jump on the court before knowing the result of his contact or by the tight control they have over some players not happy with the current situation, All Star included. The competition has prohibited Durant from traveling to Philadelphia to the next Nets game, although the rest of his team will be able to do so. The situation was absolutely surreal and the star was visibly angry. That said, the player passed the coronavirus, but the League does not distinguish for tracking those who have passed it or not. In other words, whatever negative tests you have, you have to quarantine.

In madness, the Raptors won

To all this, Toronto took the game, the seventh of the last 11 after a start marked by doubts. He did so by taking advantage of the madness generated by Durant's situation and thanks to the best version of Pascal Siakam, who is in crescendo (in three of his last four games he has exceeded thirty) and added 33 points (with 12 of 23 in shots field), 11 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals. In addition, Broucher, Powell and VanVleet passed the ten. Oh, and a great game from the incombustible Kyle Lowry, another one: 30 + 5 + 7 + 2 for him, 34 years old but with more than 17 points and 7 assists on average, being the soul of a team, his, with which He touched glory in 2019 and of which he is an absolute spiritual leader. The Raptors received 40 points in the second quarter (Durant's only complete one, coincidence), but they recovered in the last, leaving the Nets at 27 and sentencing a very hard-fought duel that cost them to serve despite finding the locals without Durant.

In the Nets, things did not work out amid a tidal wave of difficult explanation and very in line with the situation of the coronavirus, which in reality we still do not explain. James Harden continues to act as a playmaker, in substance and form, and went to 17 points, 7 rebounds and 12 assists, but Kyrie was not the shooter this time and he stayed at 15 points, with 5 rebounds and 5 assists but 7 losses, and only 12 attempted shots (0 of 4 on triples). In the fourth quarter, by the way, La Barba went to 4 points, while Irving scored ... 0. Joe Harris went to 19 and was again a safe from the triple (5 of 8), while Bruce Brown , who started replacing Durant, scored 13, two less than Jeff Green and one more than Landry Shamet. And Durant, in 19 minutes, produced a lot: 8 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 steal, 1 block and +10 with him on the court. Of course, a differential factor is. And the League will have to review what happened so that it does not happen again. Of course, the coronavirus has changed the world.

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