Soldier sneaks into Morales' party

The Commander had signed a double to celebrate his renewal with victory but the Granada striker tied in 92 '.


There were barely 180 seconds left that, if they passed as they were doing in the last minutes, the game was going to end and Morales was going to close a week of full happiness, renewal included. However, the antihero Roberto Soldado appeared in the Ciutat. The Valencian dropped a ball well fought by Antonio Puertas, in 92 ', and nailed it headlong into the corner of Aitor's goal.

El Soldado snuck into El Comandante's party. Until that moment, Morales had exhibited his exuberance with speed and goal and Levante rounded out his fantastic week. He scored in the first half with a shot near the post. He scored in the second after completing a great team move, which he himself had started, and invalidating Kenedy's goal.

That it was Commander's day became known very soon. Without going any further after a race to the right that put the heart of the small area, where Roger Martí lives. The striker finished with a spur but Rui Silva stopped. In the second, with the roles changed, Morales celebrated his renewal with a goal. Miramón centers, Roger persists with the center-back and a loose ball, in the area, with Morales arriving in mid-flight… goal.

However, Kenedy was not willing for the protagonist to embrace glory so easily. First he had it, a pass from Luis García, but he crashed with Aitor. It wasn't like that in '43. A bad clearance by Miramón fell on the feet of the clairvoyant Molina who returned to put Kenedy first. And there yes. I do not doubt. He shot Aitor with a cross shot.

After the break, Diego moved token and the entrance of Machís decided the duel in favor of Granada. The Venezuelan and Luis Suárez threatened Aitor but it was Morales, with one of his usual claws, who hit the target again. Granada was on the canvas. Roger and Son had the option of sentencing the duel. But they left him alive. And Soldado rescued a point in the extension for the Nasrids.

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