Simple victory for the Mavs despite the absence of Porzingis

The Mavericks controlled the game and only worried a little in the fourth quarter. Porzingis wasn't there and Hardaway was the best.


Adding a win at home and in circumstances that are not entirely favorable is what makes the difference. These games must be won if the objective, already different from the one we had at the beginning of the season, is to enter among the eight best teams in the conference. The Mavericks did it against the Grizzlies, who only knocked on the door in the fourth quarter and made no noise. They both fight for a place of honor in the West and this battle, not the ones that everyone will talk about but the ones that must be won to win the war, counts for a lot. Carlisle planned a serious game and the team responded from the opening minutes, leading the charge throughout the night to end the final 102-92.

The defensive effort was the best of the night for the Texans. They partially neutralized Ja Morant and the offensive flow he projects. It was noted, perhaps, that Kristaps Porzingis was not there, who is having a hard time containing his rivals near the rim, due to back pain. He also ended up in the Maxi Kleber infirmary with a sprained ankle. The ballot was complicated before a team already gleaming after overcoming the coronavirus, as it happened a few weeks before to them, and in Dallas there had to be more than one hero. Doncic needed the help of Richardson, his guard, and two alternates: Brunson in driving and Hardaway in executing. Without them it would not have been possible to win. The Grizzlies have lost their footing with this loss and the Mavs surpass them in the table: 14-15.

Memphis was soon lowered. As early as the first strip of the first quarter. Those initial six minutes were torturous. They were already ten down thanks to his six missed shots in a row and his magnificent two points against the opponent's twelve. The distance grew as the minutes passed, of course, the slab was already weighing them down. That is why, if someone resorts to statistics, they can be deceived with the contribution on the court, since there it was very favorable to Dallas and the players who started the appointment but their best men were others.

The handle was brought by Tyus Jones and not Ja Morant to try to stop the Mavs from leaving even more, but their sporadic attack actions did not accompany on defense. Hardaway was already making good shots and would later become the most successful of the game with 7 triples and 9/14 for 29 points. The gap widened even more, with premises closer to twenty than ten for rent.

Before the break and just after the best Luka Doncic was seen, the one who knows how to drive with eyes on the back of his neck and the one who goes to the hoop as if he were in the backyard of his house. The Grizzlies couldn't do anything about that either, putting good defenders like Kyle Anderson on him with no effect. The problem for the Slovenian was missing too much from the outside: 3/10 in triples, although he scored 21 points.

With a minute and a half to go the Grizzlies were still fifteen behind. The last baskets brought them something closer on the scoreboard, but as a mere anecdote against an opponent who knew how to play well with the advantage they already had.

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