Sielva allows Deportiva to continue dreaming

A goal from the Catalan midfielder gave Ponferradina three points against a Mirandés that ended with ten points due to the expulsion of Iván Martín.

The Ponferradina won the playoff hopefuls' derby against Mirandés thanks to a goal from Óscar Sielva, who on his centenary with the blue and white jersey made an outstanding game crowned with the winning goal. The rojillos, blunt in attack, played with ten from minute 72 after the expulsion of Iván Martín for protesting.

The game started high in revolutions and with both teams pressing in the opposite field, which led to the goalkeepers having little work in the first half. Deportiva tried from afar with shots from Aguza, which ended in a goal disallowed for offside by Yuri, and Curro, and Mirandés did the same through Pablo Martínez, but the spotlight was diverted.

At half an hour into the game, José Alberto was forced to move the bench due to the injury to Javi Jiménez, injured in his left ankle, which left his place for Letic. Before the break, Paris signed the first shot between the posts with a volley from the edge that Lizoain stopped without major problems.

La Ponferradina came out hungrier in the second half and, after a deflected shot from Curro, the Blue and Whites opened the scoring with a goal from Sielva. Moi went into the left wing and left the ball for Pablo Valcarce, who put a measured cross at the far post so that Sielva, with a header, scored 1-0, which is the sixth of his personal account this season.

José Alberto moved the bench giving entry to Cristo and Álex López, but it was difficult for Mirandés to find gaps in the Bercianos' defensive line and the game was even more complicated for the rojillos in the 72nd minute with the expulsion of Iván Martín for protesting a decision of the collegiate.

The Ponferradina was increasingly comfortable on the field, waiting for their opportunity to kill the counter, and Juergen was about to achieve it on two occasions, but it was not necessary for the victory to remain in El Toralín and Deportiva continue dreaming of him playoff.

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