Seedorf denounces racism towards black coaches

The coach, in 'La Gazzetta': "Why don't great champions have options in Europe, where they made history? Why should Vieira go to New York and Henry to Canada?".


Clarence Seedorf, when he hung up his boots in 2014, began his coaching journey right away. He had a huge opportunity with one of the teams of his loves, Milan, replacing Massimiliano Allegri, but that adventure only lasted six months, between January and June 2014. Two years later the call came from Chinese Shenzhen, in which he stayed from July to December 2016. In February 2018 he became coach of Deportivo La Coruña, from which he separated at the end of the course after relegation, and on the following August 10 he took over the reins of Cameroon, who fired him in 2019 after the elimination in the eighth of the African Cup against Nigeria. The former midfielder has struggled to find a long-term project.

During an interview with 'La Gazzetta dello Sport', he explained that the reasons, perhaps, do not depend only on him: "I had to accept those opportunities to prove my worth. I took certain risks because few calls come and we know why." According to the Dutchman, it is a question of racism: "I played 12 years in Italy. After Milan, where I did a good job, zero calls. Holland is my country: zero calls. Why do great champions have no options in Europe, where they made history? Why should Vieira go to New York and Henry to Canada? " Seedorf is clear: "Coaches do not have the same opportunities, there are no people of color in positions of power in football." The problem, obviously, goes beyond the beautiful game: "It is a general discourse, for the whole of society. Those who can change things must feel the responsibility of creating a meritocratic world, keeping all doors open. The best results can come. fair of diversity ".

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